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Monday, January 23, 2012

the gift of this day

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This photo has nothing to do with my post for today but I wanted to let you know that perhaps at 18 lbs and 9 oz., my daughter, Jayne, who is five months old, is actually a shrimp after all!
I love this photo, taken via a cell phone, sent to me the other day from when my friend was over. Her little guy is a week younger then Jayne and weighs at least 21lbs. and you can see how much longer he is then my big little girl.

Can you say, too cute?!?!?!

Anyway.  On with today's post.

681. This book.   Prayers and Peanut Butter.  (By Barbara Classen)

I've just started reading this book, given to me, as a gift, by my next-door neighbor...sweet Amanda!...and I only got through the first few paragraphs, of chapter one, when I was already able to relate.  I decided to add its title into my gratitude list... because I am grateful for this gift, the thought that I might benefit from this book and that I desperately need prayer as well as peanut butter.  The combination is totally all about mothering.

I just want to share these few thoughts... borrowing from Barbara, the author, as my "own" thoughts for today and for this gratitude post.

"This is the day the Lord hath made".

God brought a gift this morning at dawn.  He wrapped it in tangerine and gold clouds, and tied it with birdsong and breezes.  It was a new day, fresh and unspoiled.  It was fragile, with dewy flowers and golden light spilling low on the floor of the woods just before sunrise.  The only sounds came from the leaves whispering overhead and a bird pouring out a song from Eden.

He means for us to take special care of this gift.  He wants it unspoiled by loud words or ugly actions.  We must take care not to smudge it with black thoughts and attitudes.  Especially, we must be careful not to break it with anger or shatter it with derogatory remarks.

By evening, though, how pitiful the gift looks.  How marred, how battered, how beyond salvaging.  We cry hot tears...

But we never need to ruin tomorrow just because today was bad.  He loves us so much that He forgives again, and the next morning at dawn a new gift is waiting.  This one is wrapped in pink clouds with silver rain and enveloped with fragrance of wild roses.
"Please, God, help me get through this day.  Please help me cope.  Help me know how to handle the children.  And tell me what to do first!"  Surely this was the prayer of mothers all across the country this morning.
I know it was mine...

Continuing to count the One Thousand Gifts...that He so graciously gives.  Because, I'm trying to learn to give thanks in everything...and because this is the day He has made.  A gift!

682. long white sleeves and red jello smear? on the table

683. repeatedly, the changing of clothes, often several times in one day - just because, she's three!

684. our first accumulative snow, of the winter, one day  and rain the next

685. runny noses - smeared on sleeve mere seconds before I come with the tissue

686. explosions through the diaper

687. hard times + relationship = a bent ear

688. listening ears

689. a declined dinner invitation.  Great!  because my meal didn't turn out as expected.  Thank you, to our would-be guests, for saying "No"!

690. lower back pain - again.  causes me to S.L.O.W.

691. boppy-pillows - they really come in handy for a semi-comfy seat

692. (will it be) a wet bed, again?  or, a dry one? - she's learning... 

693. this quote:  "Don't mistake slow progress for failure".

694. when the washer doesn't spin out...at least I have a semi-working washer.

695. sore and bleeding weather-cracks in every single finger and thumb...reminds me of my dad wrapping his carpenter-hands in white surgical tape, preparing for the next day of working outdoors.

696. cold coffee in the cup - I just didn't get to drink it soon enough.  But, my hubby poured it for me!!  That was really nice.

697. the stick propped to keep my dryer door shut - so the dryer works properly

698. red-neck injamanuity (perhaps better known as ingenuity)...seriously, gotta love it!

699. my teething 5 month old - poor thing, trying so hard not to complain

700. markers, without the caps put back on.  They had fun!

701. the quick getaway

702. lace curtains (a.k.a. spider webs)  most likely found in kings palaces as well

703. too many toys?

704. song lyrics:  You are good. You are good. - when there's nothing good in me.

705. the learning curve of poor penmanship

706. the ants have invaded - the picnik is "over".  I'm sad...but excited for new opportunities.

707.  mercies *new*, of {this}day


  1. Love you list and that song has been speaking to me lately, also!

  2. Hi Bevy,

    I love your list. And I just have to tell you something....

    Your photo of the little ones reminded me of a similar photo taken back in 1985. On the left was my little one, Robbie at 3 months old. He weighed 7lb 11oz when he was born. On the right was my sisters boy Jeremy at 7 months old. He weighed 11 lbs 1 oz when he was born. At 7 months old he was already looking like he was 2 years old. And too big for one of those umbrella strollers, I think their called. The cloth folding kind with handles curved like umbrella handles.

    The boys are now 27 years old and very tall. Rob just had birthday on Sunday.

    I will have to find the photo and put it on my blog. Gosh, they do grow up fast....sigh....
    Take care, Janet W http://throughthewoods2.blogspot.com

  3. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog the other day! So glad our Gaither connection brought us together. ;) Your little ones are too precious, and oh my, you would really think my Sprig is a shrimp. She's 15mo and baaaarely 20lbs. We call her our little peanut.
    Hope your lower back pain ceases, soon. And yes indeed, praise him for new mercies every day!!!


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