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Monday, January 2, 2012


Hi ALL!!! Well welcome to 2012, if there was anything that you wanted to do in 2011, well your 2 days late. Welcome to Scott's second sayings. A lot as taken place over the last 31 days since you last heard from me. I am glad I have this opportunity to catch up with you all.

First, I would like to file a formal complaint with the blog site editor. (a.k.a. my beautiful wife!). I do not see any Scott Second Sayings in the top 12 for the year in review. Then again, the editor, publisher, and writer are one in the same person, so there is no bias there....(even though I am her better half).  Seriously though, I like the selected 12 too, and am glad that I have been able to find the "little heart guy" (go back and read this past Friday's Finds).
He was actually tucked in my red robe pocket and most likely has been there since Christmas 2010. I only really wear this robe about once a year and that is on Christmas morning. I am not fully sure why Bevy thought it had been 2 1/2 years (since we moved in here) since we had last seen him. I think in Christmas 2010 Bevy had hid him in a box of a gift she gave me, and I placed him in my pocket to hide later and then just forgot. The reason I was able to find him, was that several days after my surgery, we had friends stop in for a quick visit and I threw my robe on over my PJ's knowing it would be comfortable, and when I reached in my pocket, Wha-La. My mother and I gave Bevy a little jewelry box for her birthday during the year, and I knew she would be in there eventually to switch out some jewelry of some sort.....just did not know it would take her that long. I think it was about 2 weeks.

So as you can imagine we are very relieved to be on this side of the fence of all that has been going on this past month. The month had a curve ball or two. I would like to say a BIG THANKS to all for your prayers and continued support for us through this time. Mr. & Mrs. H. a special thank you to you and yours for all your reaching out to us and allowing your schedule to be interfered by ours and willing to serve us in such a loving, supportive, caring and flexible way. Mr. & Mrs. N. as well an special thank you for your encourage and enlightening communications to us keeping our focus on Him and your spoken truths to our souls as we walked through this. All the praise reports aside, one other thing I am very thankful for is that this all occurred in 2011, where we had meet our deductible for the year already due to the birth of our daughter, Jayne.

Looking into 2012 we are encouraged and looking forward to some future events. One thing is that we are throwing some numbers around for weight loss. 60 in 2012. That's 60 lbs apiece this year in 12 months, which breaks down to 5 lbs/month thus 1 1/4 per week. We will see how that goes. That might be a portion of my monthly update, I just do not see Bevy posting this regularly on her posts. As well, come the spring, we are looking forward to taking a roadtrip south. We originally were looking to take 2 weeks and make another 4 state run like we did in 2006 to visit friends and family (which then we did in a week, but it was just her and I back then). Due to me being in and out of the hospital this past month I burnt up all my excess time and thus we will only have a week to work with in April (when we are looking to do this). So most likely we will only be traveling to see dear friends of ours in TN and then a stop off in VA (Lynchburg area) to see my step mom and (possibly, maybe (??)) meet some blog friends.

School is going well, though I have to admit I was not sure how things were going to go around the surgery. I managed to pull off an exam 5 days after surgery and passed and then turned right around and finished off a term paper over the following week to complete two classes. Well this placed me about 2 weeks ahead of schedule but I have chewed all that up with the Christmas holiday and my second stint in the hospital with the stress test and all that went with it. So for this weekend I have been nose in a text book and pretty much have caught up. I will be finishing up section 1 of 3 today which pretty much brings me back on schedule.

We are very thankful for an employer that has worked with us in the timing of everything. As well we are also thankful that we were able to get butchering started this year. "Staples, the steer" has fallen into our freezer (yes we name our animals that we butcher, but mostly just the steers. The hogs come and go so fast. We slaughtered him two weeks after my surgery and then my BIL John and I left the family up at camp on Christmas night and headed home and butchered him on the 26th. The kids really enjoyed that camp for Christmas, and I am speculating that Bevy has already shared with you where we were for Christmas.  If not, she'll have to catch up...

So here is to 2012 and may you all of had a blessed Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!


  1. Thanks for catching us up on what is going on with you. I think it is great that you and Bevy have a goal to work together towards!

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well Scott! I pray God's continual blessing on all of you this year!!!! I didn't realize you guys farmed animals! Do you butcher your own? I guess Bevy just needs to take more photos of the homestead and farm, *wink wink, nudge nudge*


  3. I feel well caught up now:)

    And I'm really hoping you'uns can spare an afternoon to come visit some blog friend folk down in in sw va.

    I'm certain I'll have a glass of sweet tea for you along with a nice spread;-)


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