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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I think I've earned my keep...today, thank you very much!

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What a fabulous weekend!

Both my husband and I felt this way and even made mention of it to each other.  It was just a really "fun" weekend.

What made it that way?  I don't know for sure - but I have my speculation.

For one.

I had a laundry list of things to do/make on Saturday - that pretty much kept me in the kitchen all day.

Aubrey's busy-work, in the kitchen, a couple of years ago!

That was fine...except that meant the kiddo's had daddy, most of the day.  Which was great, too, but then that meant that he didn't get to as much studying as he should have.  Particularly on Saturday.

The weekend plans were full.  It started Friday evening.
We had our van off to a friend, Friday night, to do some repair work on it before inspection is due.
That went {surprisingly}well.
Which meant dinner out with the family...due to time of the hour and whatnot.  That went {surprisingly} well, too.  Or. maybe I should admit to the recent practice of going out to dinner, here of late.  We're getting "good" at it...and, I fear I might be getting spoiled.  Wow!!  I really hate admitting that.  It just isn't right. I mean we were also out, Thursday evening, with family - from outta town. 
And the week before, on Thursday, as well.   See what I mean?

Saturday, I was at home preparing for the upcoming next couple of commitments we had made.
*A Blessing Meal for one of the families - in their recent loss.
*A Winternic/Picnic at Church - on Sunday.  Providing food for that.

But back to Saturday.
Here is what I want to focus on for my post today.  This question.

Why is it that it is easier to list (projects} and get wrapped up in the lengthy to-do list we've got goin' on then it is to list the things that are already done? 
Here is what I mean by that second part.

The things that are already done, by Him, for us.  The list of gifts already given.  I find it hard to list them.

You see. I'm a doer.  I feel like if I haven't done something (ie; checked it off the list) that I haven't done well.
I felt like, by the end of the day, on Saturday ... and my list was long...that I had earned my keep.  Thank you, very much!  Of course, I'm figuratively speaking here.

Laundry-wash and fold/ including all bed sheets
Apple Cake
(gallon of) Not-so-Sweet Southern Iced Tea
Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Shells (freezer meal)
Meatloaf (x2) - one for us and another, for a blessing meal
Quiche (for lunch) - which meant making  pie crust (it made two)
another pie... I decided on pecan bars
Macaroni Salad
Marinated Ham and Swiss Sandwiches
Make all our beds ... with the clean sheets.
Swept and washed the kitchen floor
baby care interspersed in the middle of it all
make a few phone calls
Bissle-swept the carpets - dining room and living room
washing dishes a couple of times, throughout, just to keep ahead of the mess

Most of this took place while Scott was at an early morning men's breakfast/meeting.  Thankfully he came home and took the kiddo's under his wing.  Until the children left in the evening for a birthday party via Grandma and Uncle Justin. 
A chance to clear the head and wrap it up.

I don't say all of this to brag it up... in fact I wanted to write this post yesterday - but yesterday didn't look much different.  I was really, really busy.  Another long list - half of which didn't get finished from Saturday.  It's just the season I'm in.  And yet, because of all of this busy-ness, I feel like the gratitude list - I wanted to write - didn't get much added to it because I wasn't thinking about it.  Perhaps, taking time?
 You know.  You know, what I mean.  The busywork I was doing was all for noble cause. Yes!
 And yet the list of gifts that God has given to me - already done - is to be counted with even more nobility.
and, I wish it were.

708. He is gracious.

709. He knows my frame, He remembers I am but dust.

710. Fabulous weekend? 
But.  Honestly. 
711. Not because of what I've done.  What we've done.

712. It's about what He's done.  Already given.

713. I don't have to earn my keep, with HIM

And neither do you.

Pardon me, in my remissness.  I did have a few things to list...didn't I?
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