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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I wish you could hear what I hear...

. . .. ... . .. . .. . . .. ... . .. . . .. .. ... .. . .. .. .. .. .. . .. .
Voices filtering down.  Playfully spilling out of the upstairs bedroom.  The kids are playing.  Tumbling, echoing, drifting aimlessly - imaginations at their best.  Oh, the drama...

It's so real.  And surreal at the same time.  It makes me smile.  I think back to my own days as a young gal.  The imagination that I had on me - still amazes me, at times.  When my cousins and I were together - look out!

I putz around the kitchen, mindlessly putting dishes away yet I continue to hear and take it all in.

Sometimes I can't believe it.  I still pinch myself that I've grown up and that I {now} have children.  Children of my own who take after me...

With this loud intensity, I hear - MOM!!!

I shake out of my thoughts to call up the stairs, to answer...Yes?!?!

"No, not you!" I hear Aubrey say.  "We're just pretending...". 

Apparently, the dolls were fighting and one yelled out for Mom to their rescue.

I go back to my work with a smile on my heart.  But a staircase leads me upward to the room of endless delight.

Can I enter in?


  1. Sounds lovely to me... I miss those dear wee voices...
    Enjoy... Time flies..

  2. What a lovely moment to remember. I remember all of the times you and I sat on your old green couch dreaming about the moments you are now living. Your babies are so precious!

  3. yes!
    Yes go for it.

    With arms wide open and a grin from here to yonder:)

  4. Hi Bevy,

    That is so sweet :) My baby will be 27 yrs old in 14 days. Where did the time go?

    We had so much fun when he was little.

    Take care and enjoy the moments Janet W

  5. I get to hear those adorable voices again, my oldest daughter with three babies about the ages of your kids moved back in for a season. Nothing is more precious than those little voices.

    I loved the way you wrote this post. You have a gift.


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