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Friday, January 13, 2012

My friend, Ginny.

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Christmas is over.

I began the task of putting it all away, today.  It's a bit overwhelming.  And I debated.  Because I really don't decorate for Christmas in the traditional red and green, rather it's all about Wintry Whites and all things snowmen and the more natural, neutral and vintage the better.  And, since it is still winter... it would be appropriate to keep it all out.

But, I was ready.

I sent the two older children off to visit Grandma Rhoda for the day.  They loved it and that allowed me to keep at the daunting project without a lot of interruptions.  Of course, I had Jayne with me and she gets so dern bored without her siblings; their laughter and rivalry for her sheer entertainment.  Anyway, I got a lot done.  Cleaning included.  It always feels so good.

As I was boxing things up I was reminded of something that I wanted to share with you earlier - around Christmastime- but I guess when I was so caught up in the December Photo Project I forgot all about sharing it.

What triggered this thought, though, was a peculiar smell coming from one of the boxes.  It reminded me, as it had many times before, of my friend, Ginny.  Now, don't laugh.  It's a great smell.  Strong, but good and sweet.

It all started a couple of years ago when our small group, with Church, were all at the home of Ginny and her family for a Christmas Party.  I decided, in advance, to leave an anonymous thank you gift on her kitchen counter - just because.  I did that and well, she must have figured out it was me because it was a couple of nights later that I noticed, past my window, a lone figure creeping slowly across my front porch. Another Blessing Bandit?  They left something behind at the front door.  And quickly walked back to their car. I pretended I didn't see anything... but I did.  I knew it, I could see it was Ginny - playing back.

This gift, left behind, was a candle. I unique silver ball shaped candle with a lid.  I've never burned it.  And it's been tucked away in one of my Christmas bins and every year when I go to decorate - this strong smell reminds me again of Ginny.

You see!  Ginny is just like this candle...in so many ways.  I don't get to talk to her as much anymore - even though we go to the same church - we're in different small groups now...so it's harder to keep in touch.  But, if you happen to know Ginny you know that what I'm about to say next is true.  Ginny is a beautiful person.  She is a strong woman.  Good.  And very sweet. She's brilliant, extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful pianist.  A wife, mother and friend.  With discretion, Ginny would give her right arm to help someone else, in need.  She's just that kinda lady.

Ginny's heart and life burn brightly for the Lord.  The life of generosity that she lives is surely a sweet & fragrant smell of continued blessing...to so many.

Thank you, my friend.  My friend, Ginny

Ginny...Thank you for agreeing to let me share a story about you, even though you had no idea what I was going to share. :)  Blessings- just the same - right back at ya.

How about you?  Is there someone in your life like this?


  1. What a lovely tribute to a precious friend! God is so Gracious in giving us these special people, isn't HE?

    Happy New Year to you!

    Your Christmas decorations sound lovely. I know what you mean about getting it all boxed up and put away though....it just gets to be *time* to do it, doesn't it? Enjoy your freshly cleaned and put-back-together home. :)

    Many blessings,

  2. yes indeed, too many to list:)!!


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