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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On the line of Christmas Past

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The wind pushed it's way past me...taking the red and green of Christmas Past along with it.  It was a beautifully crisp sort of morning.  The thoughts I had of the awaiting days of this New Year were swirling around in my head, flapping, fluttering like the cloths on the line.  They have stuck with me...as though pinned to my heart with no where to go but up. 

What is to come of this New Year?  For a brief second I gave in to the whirlwind of quandry and concern.

I grabbed the line to add another piece of laundry... the gusty wind gave another yank and I yanked back.   Hold on a minute, I muttered, as though it had ears to hear.  The memories of last year were pining for reflection.  It seemed as though the whole year had flown by in a mere matter of minutes.  Where had it gone?   And, yet so much had happened.  Perhaps that is why it went by so quickly...yet, I will not say - effortlessly.  It certainly was an interesting 'ride'.  And we hung on for dear life some days.  Some days, more then others.  I wanted to go back and relive, perhaps redo...the load of care...to sort through the piles of untended black, white and grey.  But, nope!  It was already wrung out and ready to roll.

A gust of wind came again...

This time.  It was different.

The thoughts again, of this New Year, were coming on strong and head-long.  I was being ushered into this one.  I vowed to brace for the winds of change...to allow the unknowns to kick up and swirl around my ankles.  Kick up some dust.   Really?  Dust?

As I hung up the last of the load I smiled for a minute.  I thought of the new and unwrinkled. The fresh, crisp air fueling my senses.  A twinge of old-man winter settling in.
I know me... I'm apt to wipe my hands on the purty white towel of succuss but by far I'd rather it be of humility and servanthood.  Lord willing, neither feigned.
Can the wing and a prayer for good cheer, health, prospertiy and blessing be?

Sure! and you can rest assured that the dust of the days ahead will (still) come.... and sprinkle themselves like tiny white snowflakes - swirling and twirling - only to melt off and away like another mere memory of yesterday.

The New Year lies before you, like a field of fresh fall'n snow.  Be careful how you tread on it for every step will show. {unknown}


  1. so beautiful! Thanks for once again sharing your heart, and talents with us. Love this, love love love it!

  2. Beautiful! Well written! Loved each line of this and that quote is great for reflecting upon.

  3. This was just beautiful sweetie, I loved this post!!!

    God bless you and your precious family this New Year!!!

  4. Great words. Makes me stop and think. I believe that is what you intended it to do. Nice.

    I will never get enough pictures of laundry, drying on the line!

  5. beautifully written.

    beautiufully photographed.

    youre getting a good eye for the camera here lately dear girl.


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