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Thursday, January 19, 2012

only one, far away

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The nearness of God, is my good.  ~ Psalm 73:28 (NAS)

"Dad, is your work far, far, far away?" 

"No son, it's only far away".  (If only you could have heard Caleb asking this...and hearing him trying to wrap his little mind around what we know and call -- distance.)

Trying again.
"Dad, you mean far, far away"?  "No Caleb, it's just one far away". 

I thought it was cute how my hubby brought it down to our four year old sons level of understanding.  That seemed to satisfy him...for awhile, at least.

What we were doing, this morning, was taking my husband to work. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Scott's place of work and then the kids and I, we turn right around to come home again.  And yeah, 45 minutes is kinda far for a drive in to work.  But, I don't mind it so much.  It's not like we get to do this all of the time but, once in awhile, it's nice to get out of the house, early in the morning like that.  The kids will doze back off to sleep sometimes and me...well,  I'll get lost in my thoughts.  Sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.

Just like this morning.

Do you ever feel like your mind is a very, busy street?  Each thought going several million miles away - each in a different direction?  Kinda like far, far, far away?  I felt like that this morning.  I was struggling to keep my thoughts from colliding as they were confined inside my brain and yet... travelling afar off.  One trailing the other at a high rate of speed...never coming to rest.  Every now and then I'd be jarred back to reality by one of the kiddo's saying something or what have you.  And I was left to wrestle with the collision.

No matter if it's ONE far away or three far aways... it is still a distance that is felt.  If your like me... distance in someone, with someone, because of someone... can really be a burden.  I was thinking about that.  Can you imagine?  The helplessness of the round and round?

But here is where I ended up.  The nearness of God, is my good. (Ps.73:28)  No matter how far we may think we are from reality... it's never far enough (away) to be out of God's care. 

His specific good for us is that HE is always near. 


:: photo from a couple of summer's ago.


  1. Thanks for the reminder, Bev. Your words and thoughts are so eloquently put. Glad to be reminded that no matter the circumstance God is near. I needed that reminder!

  2. AMEN!! Perfect timing as usual my friend!!! Thank you!


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