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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Quilt

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"A quilt is far more than three layers of materials held together by meticulous stitches.  For many quilters it is the thread that connects them to others, whether in day to day quilting activities or to stitchers of past generations."  ~ Nancy J. Martin
Today is just one of those days...where I wish, oh how I wish...I would have place and space enough to set up a quilt frame.  Where I would invite a few ladies over, to sit around the beauty - connecting more then just three layers of materials with meticulous stitches - but to sit, side by side and chat it up.  Enjoying the commorodity of one another, creating an art form with mere needle and thread, ultimately bonding heart and soul with the colorful woven thread of fellowship.
If it could happen... I'd serve up Black Bean Chili and Cornbread, for lunch, with
Apple Cake with Hot Carmel Sauce, on the side.
Of course, there would always be hot coffee and tea at the beckon call.
With a Chocolate Truffle or two to pop in your mouth, when you pass by.
The kiddo's they would simply play quietly off in another room... (wink*wink*) and...
Anyway.  My imagination is running wild and getting the best of me.
But.  Seriously.  If you have an old quilt.  Pull it out today and really take a look at it.  Quilting is by far a lost piece of art and I hate how true that is.  Just take time to observe the intricate stitches, the feel of the fabric, the color combination(s), the overall design...is there one?
Imagine the laughter and stories that flowed around the frame as the quilt was being quilted ... back in it's time.
You're holding a gift in your hand.


  1. If you had a quilt frame set up and had ladies over, I would love to be one invited over!
    Not only for the fabulous lunch but for the company!

  2. Oh I would love to come a'quiltin! It would be so fun and relaxing!

  3. Ooh, ooh, can I come? Can I come? I would love to join in the fun.
    btw-thx for the mention yesterday.

  4. Sounds like so much fun.. And the food sounds awesome... smile..
    I so love quilts, too ... especially old ones.. the smell... lovely..
    God bless..

  5. somewhere in this post I'm finding myself...

    I struggle with this.

    my "self" wants to push aside my calling on somedays and do just this your speaking of!!!

    then i remember that these children will be grown soon enough and I'll have an empty home full of nothing but t.i.m.e.....

    but, in the meantime, can't we just have a day every now and then?
    can't we just have a day to refresh our minds and souls as wives and mothers and homemakers???

    its a high calling for sure and I think we are two girls who are about to burst with creativity and hospitality.

    sadie started a quilting class in our co-op this week and she is hand stitching this week!!!
    it's so nice in the evening when ava is nursing to sit with her and watch those little hands stitch in love.

    you just wait bevy, you and aubrey will be doing this soon and the Lord will fill those places in your heart that need these things.

    such a great post.
    and photo!


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