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Monday, February 13, 2012

An Abundance of Love

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I'm sitting here in the irony of the moment.  It's soon to be Valentine's Day!  Tomorrow.

I was blessed to be able to go to my 4 year-old's Pre-K class this morning to be a "class helper", and of course he came home with An Abundance of Love...from all of his classmates and both of his teachers.  All kinds of cards and candy.

His sister only one wanted one piece - of something.  Perhaps a single Chocolate Kiss?  And he couldn't do it.  There was no love, in the moment, to share.

It broke my heart to watch this exchange unfold before my very eyes and fall on my bent ear.  I was listening and waiting for the softening...

You know?  We can try with all of our might to make our kids understand the meaning of being kind and loving.  To share, with others what is ours to start.  In fact.  Almost - every single time my son wants/asks to lead out in prayer at the dinner table he starts with these very words.

"Dear God, Help us to be kind and loving...". 

That is the first thing out of his mouth! I know it must be a deep-down desire of his little ole heart.  But really?  When reality hits...it's plain hard.  Hard. To. Do.  Simple as that.

Don't we (as grownups) know it, too.

The paper hearts all sit there in a pretty pile.  It's the thing you write on those handmade Valentine cards...
But the reality to put those words into action is really where the rubber meets the road.

When the ::Hugs and Kisses:: are nowhere to be seen...we still need to share!

When "You're Special" means very little, in the moment...we still need to be loving, in return.

Its what Jesus would do.  It's what He's done.

I can relate.  I don't always feel kind and loving either.  Its really hard to get over yourself and extend grace... to share, with the unlovely... to be loving, regardless of the situation.

It's what we're called to do and be.

I hugged my little guy closer as I could see that my words (of encouragement) were having an affect on his heart.  There was a definite softening...

A smile broke out on the faces of all three of us.  That circle of love...overspilling in abundance. 

One Chocolate kiss...for her.  It's all she wanted.


Continuing to count the abundance of Love in expressing the One Thousand Gifts.
781. ::Hugs and Kisses::

782. a softened heart

783. tears that fall like rain

784. a firm handshake

785. a child-like faith

786. travelling mercies over our weekend NY bound road-trip

787. a good visit with Susie-Mom (and our Aunt & Uncle)

788. a hug Hello!

789. a little guy in Caleb's class - paying me a compliment.  completely cute and unexpected.

790. watching my son interact in his class ...some moments of pure pride and others not-so-much

791. school-teachers who give it their all and then some

792. How deep the Father's Love for us...

793. {It's} vast beyond all measure...

794. the twinkle in his eye - for me

795. when we share - our world just opens up with whole new meaning

796. date nights

797. finding a valid gift card behind the dining room radiator... it paid for our dinner.  Great date night!!

798. when my hubby fills my tank with gas...my love-tank is full, too

799. holding hands while driving down the highway

800. heart-shaped pizzas

801. I'm something special, I'm the only one of my kind...

802. our ability.  to share.  our kind and loving. with those. who. need it most.

803. Because of Him!


  1. oh girl this was a beautiful post! seriously beautiful. i love that those are the first words out of his mouth when he prays. that is precious. you have taught him right momma!

  2. you are such a good mommy! love reading about your life with your kids.


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