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Friday, February 10, 2012

Around the Homestead :: A ~ Z | The Letters P, Q & R

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Welcome! to what I call

Around the Homestead :: A~Z

This is a self-imposed photo project where I've taken my camera and have hunted down letters of the alphabet characteristic of things in nature and reminiscent of the farm that we live on. My hope is to, one day, make a photo collage and give it as a gift to our landlord and his wife.

Today I'm covering letters P, Q and R.

This rusty lock pin is probably one of my all time favorite finds for this photo project.  It holds the garden gate out to the cow pasture.  Safe enough?  It is what it is.  I still love it.  Gate and all.

This next photo is obviously meant to be for my letter Q.  I know you see it...although it is currently the wrong direction for the said letter.  What this is, is an original hook for one of the window shutters on our farmhouse.  Obviously, it isn't a functioning means anymore... and its painted over. When I add this photo to the photo collage, I'll be sure to it up with some photo editing to make it actually look like a "Q".

The Letter "R" came rather quickly to me while looking for letters.  It's probably one of my first photos that I took for this project.

I'm sure you see it, too...no problem! 

 I most likely will do some editing to this photo as well once it's all said and done.

There you have it for "P", "Q" and "R"...
Around the Homestead.

Have yourself a Fabulous Weekend.
I'm wishing myself the same.
It's got a lot going on and some of it not so fun.
We're all sick - AGAIN!
(The kiddos with colds and ear infections - all three are on Albuterol Nebs, as needed, and antibiotics, as of yesterday.)
Scott has an Exam due around 9:00AM for his schooling.
Grandma Susie is in the hospital - since Wednesday- and we might be making a run to NY to go visit, on Saturday evening.  Not sure yet.
If we do that, we'll be missing out on an awesome chance to participate in a completely FREE -
Video Presentation/Outreach, on Saturday evening,
with our church to see
If your local, local and you have nothing else going on tomorrow evening.  Go! Check it out and remember it is a completely FREE event for you and your family.

If we're there.  That's if we can find a babysitter. 
 We'll look for you!! (smile) 


  1. I do hope you have a great weekend. We've all been sick too, so I'm hoping to finally be back to normal around here for the weekend.

    Take care Bevy.

  2. I love your photos. They are perfect, and how sweet a gift the journal will make for your landlord! So sorry you are ill.. I'm lifting you in prayer now.

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Oh I DO love your blog Bevy and so could not pass on sending two blog awards your way! You can get details on my blog ;o) No pressure if you are not keen on taking them up though ;o)



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