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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Charming Play - by - Play

... . .. .. .. . .. . .. .. .. .. . .. . . .. . .. .. . .... .. .. . .. .
Aubrey:  "Let's have a Tea Party.  Okay, Jayne?"

Jayne:  "What ever are you serving me, Miss Aubrey?" 
Aubrey:  "Precisely. Well... today it's Chocolate Cake with a spot of tea."

Aubrey:  "Alright then, Miss Jayne, since you don't care for the Chocolate Cake - how about some White Chocolate Cheesecake, topped with whipped creme, served up in a cup? "

Aubrey:  "Be careful, Jayne.  You're gonna love this.  It's lip-smackin' good and...yummy!" 

Aubrey:  "Delectable, yes?!?!"

Jayne:  "No, actually!  The pretty purple plate is much more pleasing to the palate... and it really wasn't White Chocolate Cheesecake you served, now was it?  It was just plastic.  Didn't your Mother teach you how to cook properly?"

Aubrey:  "But Jayne, I fear for your safety - should you swallow a whole plate!"

In walks Sir Caleb. He always bring a certain calming charm to the room, if you will... as soon as comes on the scene.  He is so dashing...the young man.

Alas!  All is well.


"When I was a little girl, I used to dream of being a 'lady'.  The world of Little Women, with its gracious manners and old-fashioned, flowing dresses fascinated me.  Softness and lace, tantalizing fragrance and exquisite texture, a nurturing spirit and a love of beauty -- these images of femininity shaped by earliest ideas of lovliness." ~ Emilie Barnes, Spirit of Lovliness

I would say.  Me too! 

I'm so glad my little ones are learning... trying to be little ladies and a charming gentleman - as I look over my shoulder and literally, right NOW, at this exact moment, they are playing with brooms and sweeper heads that they are off hunting a deer or two and they are missing them everytime they shoot their guns - because the deer have run off. 
I've never heard so much intense anticipation to finding it in the next room, etc.

Mom: "Can I please have a plate of delectable cake and some hot tea, with honey?  I'm feeling quite faint over here and fear a headache coming on...(fluttering my hankie in front of my face)"


The deer hunting continues... and so does my dream of little fair ladies and charming gentlemen in their everyday play-by-play.


  1. Oh my goodness! Loved this! Jayne is getting so big. Thank you for all the pictures!

    Also I loved the imagination! My kids play like that, too and I love to here their latest adventures!

  2. What sweet pictures, Bevy! Jayne is really growing...all your children are just as cute as can be. Hope you're doing well and having a great week. :-)

  3. Too cute! Jayne has quite the expressions--so funny! And as always, I think Aubrey is just so pretty!


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