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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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The other morning as I sat cradling my infant daughter in my arms, I held her hand warmly...and she clung tight.  To both my hand and my heart.

I took a long look at our hands together.  Hers so little and young.  Still so new - at 6 months of age. The ones that are still exploring and ever learning.  They're soft and kind... completely gentle and sweet.  So much life to live... and give.

Mine, on the other hand, have had lots of time run through these fingers.  They've been through the rough elements, gotten hurt, blistered and scarred.  They've been busy - but rather neglected.  My skin is tough and calloused.  My hands have been often stubborn and unwilling.  At the same time... I know that my hands long for and desire to be Jesus' hands.  You know? 
Have I blessed enough?  Been kind enough?  Served enough? Have they lived well?  Made a difference?Taught anything?
Will they continue to do any and all of this...and how much longer? 

Just questions...I ponder.

The difference lies rooted in this:  What will my daughter's hand(s) look like, be like, by the time she is my age and beyond? 

How will she be influenced?  Will she one day make a difference?


  1. Great thoughts! And since I know your heart, I know that you, my friend, have a servant's heart! It is a heart that is tender and beautiful. It is a heart filled with the Holy Spirit. Your heart strives to be more like Christ daily and that makes your heart shine like rubies!

  2. Poetry!!! Such beautiful thoughts to ponder.

    Always a joy to come over here and visit. I come away with a smile.

  3. Beautiful little baby fingers to delight my heart. Beautiful thoughts to delight my soul.

    It also made me think of another beautiful tribute...I think you wrote about your grandmother's hands....


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