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Friday, February 3, 2012

Just wanted to let you know...

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No offense to anyone.  This choice was all my doing.  I've decided that I rather be without the twinkle of FB, in my eye...and instead, I'm nodding off and bidding it adieu.  I would rather have more time and attention spent here. blogging, and be without that said distraction.  Come Monday...It's gone.

Besides.  FB is really getting messy.  I'm opting out.  For now, at least.

I will say I wasn't on it that much...although I did have my blog and my etsy shop linked... but if you're still friends (in real life) you'll know where to find me.

I'm still here, at Treasured Up and Pondered.  And at home. ;)



  1. I completely understand, Bevy. I'm not a big fan of Facebook either. My goodness, I can hardly believe some of the things people post on there. Good grief! I have found some of my friends from way back when, and it's been nice to reconnect, but I like my blog way better! Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  2. My heart sank for a second. I thought you were saying good-by to blogging.
    There have been several friends who have "bid adieu" to their blogs.

    I always enjoy reading your thoughts and seeing the kiddos. Oh, and Scott, too!

    Never have been on FB and never will.

  3. Like Christine, I was worried you were going to quit blogging! Phew. Just FB is being banished so that won't affect my life. I'm a little selfish, I enjoy having you, your faith and your family in my online world. :)

  4. No big loss (for me anyway). Not a facebooker and hopefully never will be. Thanks for joining the minority! It can be lonely at times, but you've got your blogging friends and we aren't going anywhere!!

  5. I am happy to say I've never even had a FB account so I'm proud of you, Bev!


  6. Thank you - ya'll!! I knew I'd have some real friends hanging with me in the end. I know I'm loved... but now I really know.


  7. Good job Noodle! I've been thinking about ditching FB too.

  8. Hi Bevy.. I dislike facebook and only have an address so I can use pinterest.. I don't post..
    I don't blame you at all..
    Take care..

  9. I hear you - I haven't dumped FB...yet....but maybe.... I do spend less time on it so that's better! But GOOD that you aren't leaving your blog - I'd be pretty bummed! :)


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