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Monday, February 27, 2012

Saying thank you.... for the everyday. Every Day!

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You know when something is lost and you've looked high and low and yet it is nowhere to be found... you leave the room... come back and its been sitting right there, all along, staring right back at you like it had eyes?

This is almost the way it went down, last evening.  I was washing dishes, after we had guests in our home for "Guess who's coming to dinner?", when I realized that two of our coffee mugs...yes, two of these...went magically missing.  GONE! I tell you.  It was truly so perplexing. 

Could this be something to random to pray about? 


It wasn't. 

I prayed for the Lord to help me find these two mugs and lo and behold...there they were, found this morning, both of them in the microwave- waiting to get nuked, from yesterday afternoon, but it never happened, and well quite frankly the Lord answered my prayers. 

((Please tell me your not a coffee snob and that you will nuke your coffee, from earlier in the day - or perhaps even the day before.  Please, tell me we're not the only ones!))

But all this brings me to my thoughts this morning. Do you see God in the everyday, every day? Does the daily grind keep you so busy and focused yet you fail to slow and see it in the little things?

Is your dependence on HIM - even if it is just for something you've lost and you've since said a prayer?

God works in the everyday.  Every day.  The ordinary.  The commonplace.  The daily...daily grind.  The ho-hum, humdrum.

Anything could've happened to those coffee mugs.  The kiddo's like to help clear the table - they could've gone anywhere.  The trash, behind the couch, in a different cupboard...you name it.  I believe though, that if we take God at his word and believe him to be alive and powerful and aware of our every need - He will deliver. 

I think it is so true of us... to just go about our day - mindlessly and "fast" and unaware of God in the everyday.  Can we thank him for being in the center of it all?  Is He your center?

Continuing to count onward toward the One Thousand Gifts.

#804. the everyday

#805. running water (straight out of the tap)

#806. electric - that its in my home

#807. the invention of disposible diapers (especially after this weekend with a sick little baby gal)

#808. answered prayers, over lost items - especially of two random missing coffee mugs

#809. new friends

#810. the chance to go to the grocery store - late at night - alone!!

#811. just noticing...daffodils starting to bloom

#812. this woman, who's book,... A Life That Says Welcome, that has been consistently affecting my life

#813. cobwebs in the corners - they have brought me (much) humility

#814. for a hubby who still loves...time and time again...however imperfectly

#815. when he doesn't say it, the Lord does - "Girl, You are Beautiful".

#816. servant hearts

#817. good news

#818. our daily bread (provision)

#819. getting along... and helping one another

#820. words that bless...encourage...bring smiles...words that heal

#821. saying YES!

#822. messiness

#823. Blessings!

#824. accountablity

#825. the old is gone, the new has come...

#826. for every day that ends in "whY".


  1. What a beautiful post. You speak words that bless and uplift and I thank you for your time to do this.

  2. lovely post. thank you for not taking electricity and clean running water for granted! such gifts. blessings to you from Uganda

  3. Love what you wrote. And love that God is totally in those little things!!

  4. What is "Guess who's coming to dinner" about?

  5. AMEN! Thanking God and looking to Him for the little things is what makes Him personal and He is SUCH a personal God! My hubby and I have been talking more about how real God should feel in our lives and this post is a perfect reflection of that - we would ask our spouce, kids, a friend to help us, especailly for little things, why shouldn't we seek our Lord here too. Amen, amen! :)

    And yes, I too will nuke my coffee - two kids and well, it's just a must! Though sometimes I just make extra and pour out the cold bit but that's not budget wise! lol!

  6. @ Brenda. First off, thank you for stopping by here and leaving a comment. I appreciate it. I thought I would answer your question here, in case there are others who have wondered the same thing.
    "Guess who's coming to dinner"...is an event that our church as taken up. I'm quite sure (positive) there are other churches who do the same thing. It's where you can sign up either as hosts or guests, for the designated evening and time, giving your specifics as in how many can you have in your home or how many you're bringing with you/food allergies or concerns. Someone then matches you up accordingly. The only thing the hosts know (via an email) is how many are actually coming to your home and that the guests are bringing a salad and dessert. All the guests have is an address (and boy, is it ever hard not to cheat and look it up through the church directory.):)
    and of course the hosts provide the main meal (included sides) - sometimes your told a "theme" idea such as Italian, etc. so as to be "on the same page" - at least somewhat.
    Sometimes you're given lead-in questions/conversation starters to get to know one another better...but to be quite honest, that's hardly necessary. As all the "jitters" dissipate conversation continues to flow...and it's loads of fun.

    I personally have a real heart for the art of hospitality... and this is certainly one good way to "practice" it as we're encouraged to do so in God's Word. It will never be perfect and it isn't meant to be...just doing it, serves well.

    Blessings to you today, my friend!!


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