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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We're in the mood...

.. . . .. .. .. . . .. .. . .. . .. .. .. . .. . . .. .. . .. . .. ..
to bake some cookies around here.   At least Aubrey is for sure. 

Besides, its snowing here, today.  And is there any one thing more fun to do when the flakes are falling...besides perhaps to sew?  I digress.

Listen to this.

I agreed it would be a great day to bake some cookies.  But I must have mumbled something, under my breath, about not having any brown sugar, in the house, that we may have to borrow a cup from next door, and she heard me.  I noticed Aubrey putting on her shoes...but didn't think much about it...until I heard the front door open and close behind her.  I was in the middle of changing Baby Jayne's diaper.  I realize it was Aubrey and ran quickly to the door. I called out after her to get back inside (it's cold out there!) but she was already across the way to our next door neighbor, Amanda.

When she came back onto the porch, she's profusely explaining that she can do it herself.  "Do WHAT yourself?"  "Get sugar - I can go dare and get it myself.  I can, Mom".

I chuckled.  I explained.  "We need to call her first, she might not even have any... and if she does, then you can go and knock on her door and bring home 'duh suga', baby".

We set out to make these...

** this,Yummy Goodness!

But, in reading the directions on the back of the bag... I got the wrong recipe by mistake and so now it's Chocolate White Chocolate Chip cookies.  Still, not bad for a cookie fix. 

Besides, it's soon Valentine's Day and Chocolate is good...all around.  I had just been thinking of the White Chocolate Chip kind with a little bit of red (craisens or other dried fruit) sprinkled throughout - all festive, you know. 

I'm not complaining...except that NOW I'M really out of sugar (brown AND white), and flour, and...
ahmpt, there goes the timer

Off to go pull another tray from the oven.

Enjoy, your day!

PS:  Thanks for the sugar, Miss Amanda!  It's greatly appreciated.


  1. Be there in an hour...... Wait - Mike has the van... BUMMER!!

  2. Mmmmmmmm, pardon me but I've just gotta sing....ahhhhhhuuuummmmm....

    "I'm in the move for cookies,
    Cookies so so delicious they call me,
    sooo temptin' straight from the oven ya see,
    OOooooh, I'm in the mood to eat cookieeeeeees!!!"

    Sorry, I have no self~control. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

    Oh sweetie, they look marvelous. I have Ozark Mountain Creamery milk, can I come???

    God bless ya and have a fantastic day! :o)

  3. mmmm.
    we must be thinking the same thing today:)

  4. That is so sweet about Aubrey.

    Wanting to be a big girl. And to help mommy. So cute. :)

    Yummy, I do love cookies...my favorite is chocolate chip. Aways has been, always will be. But I do like other kinds too. Been thinking a lot about peanut butter cookies lately.

    Gosh, too bad I am so far away. :)

    Take care and stay warm. Janet W


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