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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Around the Homestead :: A ~ Z | The letter Z

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Welcome to the last of

Around the Homestead :: A ~ Z

If you've been following along - you know it's taken me quite awhile to do this self imposed photo challenge of finding the letters of the alphabet - here in nature or of "on the farm" where we live.
My intention is to finish off this photo collage and present it as a gift to our landlord and his wife.

And, finally we've reached "Z" end.  The last letter of the alphabet.

Now, I'll have you know that finding this last letter was not...

E Z as in, easy.  It was rather hard.

I found the backwards version on the barn door...and had to flip the photo to make it work.  That I did find.  See!  If you look close enough - the door handle is upside down.  I feel I must let you know that...in case you're not sure to believe me.
And, to be honest.  I really wanted this project to be as authentic as it could be.  There were a few other photos I had to flip or turn as well... and besides didn't I use this last photo for one of my "N" choices? 

Hmmm.  Yes, I did.

But, then I thought...maybe I'll just have to make my own letter "Z".  I couldn't seem to find ANYTHING... and it was taking me SO LONG to get this project done.  You've probably been all bored to tears by now, anyway, with this project and so I did.  I got a little corny and made my own letter.

Trying to keep it as "natural" as possible.  As "farmy" as possible.  As "unique" as possible.  Lord knows there are plenty of these kernels lying around... I just scooped up a handful and plunked my letter "Z" right down there on the driveway.

What do you think?

Sure enough, as I continued looking around and trying to see what I could find... I saw this shadow, cast from an overhead wire, falling across the back steps leading up into the Machinery Shed. 

Do you see it?  See, it's not the greatest find... but it is perfect enough, I suppose.  I feel it is a rather quaint way to end this photo project....ending it with a shadow, nonetheless.

"Z" end.


So, question. 

Which "Z" should I use?  

Let me know and I'll add it to the collage photo and that will be the end of the project.  I'll show that to you as soon as it is completed.  Hope to hear from you soon and that you all agree.  (smile)


  1. I have been following all along!!! I love this project. "Z end"... CUTE!

    I love the shadow Z, it is my favorite, authentic.
    Do you have picasa or another photo editor where you could make it a little darker? Other than that I think it is perfect.

    I can't wait to see the finished project!!!! :-)

    I love this idea so much I am inspired to do it with Stella (my house). Do you mind if I copy the idea???

    Great JOB!
    Love Carissa

  2. I agree with Carissa~~the shadow Z is the best! This was such a fun project to watch develop. Well done Bevy!
    Nancy ;-)

  3. Can't wait to see the finished product...sure to be beautiful!


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