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Monday, March 19, 2012

My heart is full.

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We are having one of the most beautiful of days around here, today.  So much so that I'm dreaming...all things gardens.


This morning, as I sat down to type out a few lines, this idea, this reality, of what is swirling around in my head and what I can appropriately fit into a designated time slot...well, it isn't going to work.

In other words.  Where do I start?  What do I have time to say? 

Not much!, to answer my own question.

My heart is full.

Full of tangles and train wrecks, budding ideas and requests.

Beautiful sunshine and stormy-grey clouds.

Fresh air and stale.

Excitement and nerves.

Intentions and angst.

Satisfaction and "enough already".

Limitations and obligations.
You know all of this... you can readily relate.  You identify.

This is why I link to Ann's post today.  I so appreciated her thoughts of slowing...her sharing the one reason to slow down.  I hope you choose to read her post.


Continuing to count the gifts - # 851 - #878, of the One Thousand Gifts.

Stars overhead ... bright ones, too.  Twinkling...like I've never seen before.

crunch of gravel underfoot as I take my evening walk

dog barking in the distance

honking geese taking flight

the urge to create

Ruth & Boaz - love their story

my first robin sighting, then another, then another

bare feet

that yellow upper lip from smelling dandelions


toothless grin

laundry to hang

the line to hang it on

cold milk in glass jars

our breathing falling into perfect rhythm - just before a deep sleep - love it!

Krazy Glue and JB Weld - work wonders

Redeeming Love!

John 8:12

Children singing their hearts out - up on stage!

this warm spring weather

those Daffodils, Johnny Jump-ups, and surplus of Lamb Ears

opportunity to "pay it forward"

being published - (a fun blessing which I'll tell you more about soon).

pulling from home canned goods to serve guests

hard work paying off

windows open today

encouragement to slow down

then sings my soul...


  1. Thanks for the link! It was beautiful..... LOVE the speed of spring though - have to admit. For some reason, everything seems magical - no matter how fast it goes flying by....... Love your post!

  2. ...and they are beautiful.
    beautiful gifts my friend.

    and I'm dreaming of gardens too:)

  3. Wonderful counting of gifts! We love JB Weld at our house!


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