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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Pay it Forward} Mom, this is for you!

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{{Keep in mind...I certainly do not share this post today for accolades.  Please.}}

It's one of those things when Life hands you a blessing...that it is probably best to pass it on by paying it forward, so to speak!  Know what I mean?

Mom, this is for you!  

My, three year old, Aubrey hands me this lovely daffodil.  One of our first open blooms for the season.  It's beautiful!  Yet, yanked right off it's long, green showy stem.  It will need to sit submerged in water...soaking up it's blessing.

Recently, I got to thinking about what it looks like to see Love in Action.  I've been a recipient of this very thing over and over and I know the blessing it is.  I know what it's like to be "overwhelmed" with a good thing granted.  I know what it's like to be overwhelmed.  Period.

I've been reading a lot of what love with it's sleeves rolled up is to look like.  However, I can read all I want to about it, but if that is all I do?  Then what is that?  Nothing.

I got to thinking about another young mom - one whom I regularly see week to week at our church.  I know she is a busy mama, too.  Her three little ones are about the same age as ours.   Lately, she's looked overwhelmed.  Tired.  Unhappy?   I don't know... but she's been on my mind.

I began to think about what a little love in action might look like for this friend of mine.  I hate the phone.  I never call people if I don't have to.  But, I picked up the phone and left her this message to "call me back".  "My friend...I have something to run by you", I said.

 I wondered all night if she would call me back.

You know what?  She did!  She called me back the next morning and took me up on my offer...here is what I said:

"I want to give this to you.  I want you to bring your three children over here tomorrow or the next - whichever works out best for you.  Let me watch them for you so that you can do something for you.  I want you to take at least two hours, for yourself and 'play'.  Go shopping, read a book, take a walk, get your nails done, run errands (alone), go back home and clean, take a nap... what ever it is - have fun!  Be blessed.  Be refreshed.  Take some time for just Y.O.U."


I know what it's like to be handed that sort of gift. I also know how much I appreciate and, many days, wish for more of this sort of thing. 

And yet, like this daffodil gifted out to me...

This gift...as it should be. Is simply this.  A gift.

It's heady.  It's full.  Plunked down right there meant to soak it all up in that intended blessing.  Still, there is nothing showy about it.  Nothing fancy at all. 

It's just beautiful.

Can you think of someone whom you might bless in the next to near future?  If so, roll your sleeves up and pay it forward - will you?

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  1. What a lovely post Bevy! What a BLESSING you are to that young Mom from church! How PRECIOUS! Thank you for the encouragement to be a tangible gift of love to someone.

    Blessings to you!


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