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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Sneak Peek and Giveaway! {don't forget}

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I thought maybe you would be interested in seeing how our blue-watered daffodils are coming along.

Isn't this neat?  We put them in the water about Tuesday noon.  As of yesterday, they started to look like this.  Caleb's excited to show his class tomorrow...his spring experiment for Show & Tell.

I also thought maybe you would like a sneak peek at a recent sewing project I just completed.  A friend asked me to help her "redecorate" an area of her home.  She suggested a flag-swag-banner-type-thingy and so I snooped around and found this blog...and although not fully following this lady's tutorial, I was certainly guided as to what to do.  Never made one before.  I think it turned out okay.  I hope she likes...

And while not being totally surprised, it did strike me today - as I hung up a load of laundry, and totally ran out of clothespins - that my baby girl is growing up.  FAST!  I went through the next-size-up bin in girls clothes, yesterday, just to see what I had... they needed to rid the plastic bin smell and so here we are.  

All the pretties hung on a line.

 Sneak Peek at my big girl Peek-a-Boo!

Last but not least.  Don't forget about the giveaway I launched yesterday afternoon.  You may want to check it out.

CLICK HERE to enter!  All the details are there.

That's all for today.  I hope you enjoyed.


  1. So pretty seeing the dresses on the clothesline!

  2. As I drove by this afternoon, I admired the wash on the line...it was a beautiful day to hang the clothes out! The kids do grow fast don't they...moments pass by too quickly! Love to you and yours my friend...enjoy the day!


  3. Caleb's flowers look beautiful.

    Seeing the pic of the clothes hanging out brought a smile to my face!!

  4. all things up my alley!
    pretty girls:)
    clothes on the line...


    btw, I'm slowly adding a few things to my etsy. as time allows. I should have the sewing kits up too in a week or so.
    and then my friend, I shall let you have another give-away over here as I try to come up with something to post here about:)

  5. OH! Jayne is growing so fast! Loved the "flag swag" and all that adorable laundry hanging on your line!


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