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Monday, March 5, 2012

turn around and say thank-you

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Why do I often find it so hard to "do" a simple thing my hubby asks of me to do?

Get ready... I'm here to bare my heart here.  But seriously... and this may really be a whole other subject in and of itself... I have asked myself this very question, this past weekend.

It is the way he asks?  Is it merely the request he's presented?  Is it just bad timing of when he asked?  Perhaps it's because he's mentioned it once before...and I've just not gotten around to taking care of it yet, and so now I'm feeling "pressured".

Dialing it all down.  I realized it wasn't necessarily any of the above - it's just that I had an expectation attached.

I got to thinking... "If this is such a big deal to him then he had better, at least, say thank-you!... after this "task" is done".  I expected him to fall all over himself - bending over backward to say how much he appreciated me, fulfilling his simple request.  He didn't.

Digging deeper.  I realized (rather quickly) that I wasn't, nor haven't been, so quick to say thank you, myself.

My husband is a fabulous guy!  He treats me right and does MORE for me then I'll ever know.  Everyone who knows him knows him to be of generous heart and will gladly give anyone a hand - up.  When I found out he took on several jobs, around the house, on Saturday, such as folding a small load of laundry and putting it away for me (ahem...perhaps not where I would have) or that he finished off making the bed with the blankets I had just washed or that he had put gas in the van and checked the tire pressure on all four...oh yeah, and he helped me sort out my Party Lite Orders (the correct product to the right guests)...took the trash out and well quite frankly, he did way more then I can remember.

The question is...

Did I say "thank you"?  Immediately?  Bending over backwards with appreciation? 

No...I didn't. 

At least not without some encouragement.  You see!  my hubby was also expecting me to notice and fully express my appreciation, immediately and well we - failed.  ((no worries.  All in all it was a wonderful weekend - completely fabulous)).

So why is this expectation attached, on others, if it's so difficult to meet this expectation ourselves?  We expect our children to learn their manners using please and thank you... all of the time.  Don't we?  Why haven't we learned this - as adults, or at least mastered it?

I was thinking about how the Lord must feel.  He gives us ALL things - graciously.  Whether we say thank-you or not, His hand is ever for our good.  How much more - when we turn around and say thank-you that it must please HIM immensely.

I know the Lord wants us to be thankful in all things, and for everything, but do you think he expects it of us?

Help me sort this out.  Will you? 

I think for me... I struggle with this mindset quite of often: "If only I would have a more expressed appreciation demonstrated towards me then I would have more respect toward, whomever, in return, etc."

It's so wrong.  It's so wrong of me to think this way.  I know in my heart - down deep- that gratitude, true gratitude, mines itself in the lower regions.  Humility.  Turning around to say thank you first without ever expecting anything in return.  What runs deep will automatically be forced out the top - to overflowing.
Blessing others, instead of myself.

The anticipation of this happening is what should be the expectation.  Amen?

Turning around once more... toward One Thousand Gifts.

#827. *this* eye-opening heart work I just shared about

#828. the chance to bless our family this weekend.

#829. trip to Roadside America, dinner at Red Robin

#830. when all three children nap at the same time

#831. the chance to sew a pendant banner for a friend of mine

#832. talk of raising chickens (for meat)

#833. a baby's yawn

#834. that wrinkled nose

#835. learning new words

#836. family devotions around the dinner table each evening

#837. using Training Hearts, Teaching Minds - as our guide

#838. sunlight streaming in through the bedroom windows

#839. a made-up beef stew that went down  - yummy!  It featured: beef cubes, beef broth, white kidney beans, diced tomato, Quinoa, fresh spinach.  Note: this is not a given specific recipe.  It was entirely made up...probably will never be duplicated because I simply do not remember what I did with the seasonings and all.  Oops!

#840. great candle party (Party Lite).  I came away with about $500. of FREE product. 

#841. great friends

#842. the jar of home canned Corn Relish, from my sister Rachel....we can't wait to dive into this gift.

#843. laundry folded and put away on the same day - rarely happens around here.  (thanks babe!)

#844. headlights replaced on the van

#845. her budding personality

#846. compliments that still come my way regarding my homemade cinnamon rolls.  Which that is almost as sweet as the roll itself.

#847. I love when he falls asleep...so cute!

#848. my kids are honestly scared of flies... it cracks me up.  Lord have mercy, this summer! (one is buzzing around my head as I type, that is why I added this.  It reminded me...)

#849. Spring is coming!

#850. he's down 12, I'm down 9...as I sit here and eat an afternoon "cookie snack".


  1. oh yes...a life long lesson...living without expectations...expectations is a recipe always for disappointment...so glad your heart is honest and tender here...thanks for sharing...

  2. Its funny how many times I read "give thanks" in the bible and yet, yes. it's hard to remember.
    thank the Lord for forgiveness.
    second chances:)


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