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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekend:: Fun Celebration

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This past Christmas... Scott and I, for our children, decided to do something fun and different to give as their gift(s) to their cousins.

Here are all the cousins.
And this is Grandma Rhoda...surrounded by all her little lambs, as she calls them.

For starters, we made up tickets...to hand out.  Wrapped all up, in gift wrap and tied up pretty with a bow.  Not!  If only they were adorned with a bow - would I have felt more on top of things.

We took them to tour RoadSide America...
"The World's Greatest Indoor Miniature Village"
The place that is chock full of nostalgia for me.  In all the years, I'm sure, nothing has changed.  Even the smell of the building, is still the same.

Caleb remembered...We took him here for his third Birthday.  He wasn't so sure of it back then.  But he was all over it this time around.

My first memory of coming here was for my 1st grade school class trip, and the souvenir I bought.  Long time ago...

We were joking around that since these folks were moving out... we might oughta move in. ;)  (PA Dutchy way of saying it.)  Besides, I'd give anything to go back to this era.  I love it!! 

**Seriously.  If you ever get a chance to visit here.  You really should.  It's rather charming, unique and the man who dreamt this up and stuck to his dream had some incredible serious talent.  It's just all the attention to detail that blows my mind.  I'm so amazed.

Not too great a photo... but here is their famed night-time pageant scene.

Even the aunts and uncles enjoyed.... I think.

Aubrey being held by her Aunt Rachel.

We rounded out the evening by hitting up a Red Robin, in the area, for dinner.  A way to start the celebration of my mother's (a.k.a Grandma Rhoda) 60th birthday  Coming up, soon!

And back to Aunt Rachel and Uncle John's for homemade Ice Cream and a delicious German Chocolate Cake.  We do it up right... don't ya think?


I told you we were planning on having a fun weekend with lots family.  We sure did!!


  1. I love that era too!
    Oh, this is so cute and what a great idea to take the whole family. Your mother looks so happy.

  2. I can only imagine the memories made on a trip like this!!! I too love the era...heck...I lived it.

    I too will be sixty my next birthday. Your sweet Mama looks beautifully blessed.

    God bless and have an awesome day sweetie!!! :o)

  3. Yes, you sure enough did!

    Your mama has a lot to be proud of:)

  4. That looks like a FUN place to visit. We'll put it on our list for the next PA vacation :)



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