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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Around the Homestead :: A ~ Z | The Reveal

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First off.  Sincere apologies to both Carissa and Nancy, the two commenter's, who both favored a different, but the same "Z", then the one that is showing.  I had mentioned that I would put the most voted "Z" into it's place and honestly...

Girls, I tried my hardest to get that photo to replace the corny one.  Even my hubby preferred the third option (the EZ logo photo instead) but for whatever reason, it just would not take. I had originally placed the corn kernel "Z" in for a color contrast, that is why it was there in the first place. 

There were a couple of other photos I wanted to tweak, adjust and or change out as well, and I was having just as much difficulty with those.  So.  I decided.  It is what it is.

The self-inspired photo challenge is over.  I've heard though, that there are several others of you who want to take up their own photo challenge.  I say, GO FOR IT!

I can't wait to see what you come up with.  I'm waiting....

Thanks for your encouragement all along the way.  It was a load of fun.


  1. this was so much fun!

    And a beautiful collage!!!

  2. Yippie!! All of your hard work is complete!!! A beautiful culmination of pictures!!! I think it look wonderful!!!! i'm happy for you! Great Job!
    Love Carissa

    PS I have started on mine, thanks for the hint of snapping them out of order, that helps. So far I have H and X, two easy ones I know, but at least I am started!!!

  3. Oh Bev it looks beautiful. I'm sure the land owners will cherish it and appreciate the thoughfullness and time put into it. You did a great job.

    Do you wanna come over to the Schwartz homestead and put one together? ;)

  4. Such a beautiful collage!! It should be in a book!! Great job!

  5. This looks FANTASTIC Bevy!!! :D I just might try this one day - such a great final product!!!


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