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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Finds | family resemblance

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I just want to show you something today.  I wasn't really planning to go here, today,  but I just couldn't help myself.
You see, today marks 16 years that my dad has passed on to Glory!

~ April 13, 1996 ~

Chalk it up for a Friday's Finds, if you will.

I'm so glad I have this photo.

I knew I had this one last photo of my dad before he passed, back when my brothers were little guys. (There is more to this photo that makes this one so special...I'll share it in just a minute.)

 Obviously I have had it framed (not the best presentation) for the longest time.  However.  Since the move, into our current home - most of my framed pictures have stayed in boxes.  Who knows why.

As I thought about my dad this morning.  I knew I just needed to go find this framed photo and dust it off and wipe it down.  It was time for my children to see a picture of their grandfather.

My kids... were cute.

Aubrey: "Mom, whose those guys?"

Caleb soon figured out who was who - but couldn't get his little mind around having an actual photo of his grandfather.  The one he knows has gone on to Heaven. The one he's never met. I thought maybe he would ask more questions... but he didn't.  It seemed like he was simply at peace about it.

I shouldn't have.  But I took one long look into my dad's face, his eyes, and was wishing for one more big ole bear hug.  I could (almost) feel it.  And I cried...

Sometimes, the memories never fade and sometimes they do ever so slightly.
And the questions...
they come.
They come on full-fledged and mixed.

I took a look around...grabbed these photos off the fridge.

There is nothing like a good photo of a good photo. (ahem!)

  And I reflect.

 It's amazing how time continues to march forward.  With it some healing.  But never the same.

The photos above are fairly recent.  My three brothers.  The youngest three of nine children.

I'm the oldest. 
 (Six girls followed by the three boys. In case you wondered.)
The black & white photo is of my mom, front and center, and my unmarried (but very eligible) siblings.

My brothers.  They are all growing up so quickly.  Not just because they're so crazy tall. My youngest bro, the redhead, is (I think) 6'7" - at 19yrs of age.  But in their hearts and in their character and they all, each one, reflects some unique and distinct characteristic of my dad.  That's normal.  And the way it should be.

I've been waiting for the day to share this following photo.  Today is the day!!

This photo was taken back on Christmas Day.  My mom and (middle) brother were sitting together doing a puzzle.  I took a long look after the photo was taken, only to realize just how crazy similar my brother Joel's body image and facial expression are to my dad's, like from back when my parents were dating or newly married.  That wasn't why I took the photo.  What I'm saying is that I took the photo and what I already know/knew about my brother was totally and completely reiterated. 

"Oh! You are so you're father's son!"

Joel loves that I continually bring it up.

I just love this thing of family resemblance.  We wear it whether we want to or not.  So, my thought is, wear it well.  Amen?

Why is the above photo of my dad and brothers so special?

My parents were pretty amazing about getting professional photos taken of us kids and of our family.
(That is one thing that Scott and I have completely let go - and it is a regret I have.  All my fault.)

Anyway.  My parents decided to go have this photo taken of my dad and the boys.  The call came to go and look at the proofs and pick out their favorite.  They went on a Tuesday evening.

My dad passed away that Saturday.


Sixteen years is a long time.
But not too long to keep those memories - near and dear - and to keep it in the family.

{Friday's Finds}

For those of you who are new to this blog and/or just poppin' in - Hello and Welcome!
On Fridays I'll often feature "a find" of no particular value or sentiment, no reason or rhyme and yet, exactly for all of those reasons I just mentioned...I share it with you!


  1. Okay Bev, the one morning I put mascara on to go shopping, I quickly sit down to read your blog - of course, you know me - I am crying! Didn't realize that pic was taken so soon before he passed. I so remember Phil sharing with us, and I hardly knew you then. It seems that it was soon after that that we started getting to know each other better, and the rest is history! We've been through a lot together, eh? Just want to say how thankful I am for you and all the times we've had together. I look forward to many more times from now through eternity! When we get there, I can't wait to meet your dad and tell him what an amazing Godly woman he has! Love you and will be praying for you today. G

  2. Amen sister, amen! These men touch our hearts and our lives, and to allow the heritage be shared with our children and grandchildren is a blessing to the world. Thank you for sharing this piece of your heart with us -- your daddy would be honored!

  3. Wow, Bevy, 16 years. I remember it like it was last week.

    I seem to remember you showing me a photo of your dad not long after he passed away. It could have been that very photo.

    The same thing happened to my sister-in-law. She hated having her picture taken, but for some reason she had some taken. I'm so thankful she did. She passed away in Dec. of 2007. I'm so glad her picture hangs on my wall. It's nice to remember her when I see it.

    Hope you are having a great day.

  4. MMM so touching Bevy.

    Your right, it's a good thing to get these photos and how special in your daddy's case.

  5. I love that picture of your dad and the boys. Your dad would be so proud of the men they have grown to be and the beautiful women that you girls have grown to be...mama Rhoda did a wonderful job. A couple of weeks ago I ran into Justin at Walmart, he was talking to Joel so he handed me the phone. It was so much fun to talk to your brothers! They have grown into such handsome, wonderful men. (though they will forever be little guys in my mind...that is until I stand next to them IRL) Little guys who used to throw a rubber snake into my kitchen over on Cowpath Rd. :) Oh the memories! Thankful indeed that your parents were so diligent in getting family pictures taken...what a treasure! Love you Noodle!


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