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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Finds | Seeds

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God does not send us strange flowers every year.

When the spring winds blow o'er the pleasant places

The same dear things lift up the same fair faces;

The Violet is here.

Adeline D. T. Whitney  ~  1861

For today's Friday Finds:  You'll never guess what I found... tucked away deep inside my freezer.  Yes! you read that right.  My freezer!

Seed Packets.  From, like over two years ago.  Beautiful (favorite flowers)!

I have great faith.

The other day found Caleb and I hard at work, in our front flower bed.  I decided this year that with all of these new found seeds I wouldn't be buying anything (to plant) this year.  And just see what happens.  With the one of exception of any flower plants given to me (a.k.a. the pansies, you see) that whatever grows from these seed packets will just have to do.

I just had to include both of these photos of Caleb...
I absolutely LOVE his intensity.

I hope his desire for gardening only deepens.  Getting down and dirty.  By the way.  We had so many cute/good conversations over that patch of soil.

by listening...i hope i planted seeds of confidence
by answering questions...i hope i planted seeds of interest
by example...i hope i planted seeds of faithfulness in getting a job done

 I really do want her to enjoy getting dirty, as well. 

Any good gardener NEEDS to.
  She's a good helper, just the same.

* green bean seeds * tomato seeds * sunflower seeds *

Just to name a few more of the seeds I found...tucked away in the freezer.

In the meantime, we continue to enjoy our sweet violets!


Happy Weekend to all!


  1. Love your garden helper! Happy planting!

  2. Oh I know you planted all kinds of good seeds!

    I just loved.
    LOVED this post!

    The boy.
    The seeds.
    The flowers.
    The dirt...

    every single bit of it1


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