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Monday, April 9, 2012

Gifts Collected

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Beautiful Monday Morning, to you! 

I was wishing you the same for Easter weekend and I hope it was.  Glorious and bright.  Ours was.

Jesus is Alive!  He lives within my heart!

It was so neat to be thinking of this throughout the weekend - as we should every day.

By the way.  You'll notice that almost every photo I share with you today has the same pretty pink tulips in it.

I thought I would share with you the beauty of roving tulips and perhaps give you a smile because of it.

Aren't they pretty?

Last Sunday we had dear friends into our home for lunch, after service and sweet Gwen brought these tulips along as a "thank-you"/hostess gift.  Which she would not have had to do.  But, I've been loving them all week.  Thank you, Gwen!

As I mentioned we were planning to do this, we went to my Mom's, yesterday, for Easter, after service.  We had a delicious dinner, as usual.  It was a really nice time together as most of our family was there.  Not everyone (and they were sorely missed...) but we did manage to talk on the phone. ;)

I just thought I had to show you a few photos of the fun that the children had...with the traditional egg hunt.
And.  I'm quite embarrassed to tell you this - but we forgot all about making the Resurrection Rolls until it was too late to do it.  Oops!

Jayne's first Easter!  Eggsploring...as babies will naturally do.

Caleb on the hunt... 

I know the sun was beautifully bright yesterday... but it looks as though Aubrey is taking a break being a bit overwhelmed, by all the eggs she's collected.   Funny picture.

Truth be told.  Caleb and Aubrey found SO MANY eggs yesterday, between the egg hunt at Grandma's and the one at church...that our house is currently swimming in colored plastic eggs.  Not to mention... chocolate and all other forms of various candies.  Yum! 
Interestingly enough... I noticed that they're all sitting from oldest to youngest. Fancy that!

Scott and I, along with our children, got a family photo taken and unfortunately I can't show it to you - it wasn't taken with my camera.  But... It made me so happy to have a good one or two of the mix.  Thanks to my sister, Jules.

We have no current family photos, with baby Jayne.  It was totally time to get one taken.

And, now that I've teased you with that and have no picture to show for...at least for now...
Well, we're moving on.  (as if this isn't already a long enough post)

I want to continue to count the gifts that are graciously extended my way.  Things I already have.  Things collected and worthy to be counted.  One Thousand Gifts.

900. pretty pink & white tulips

901. gifts handed out in appreciation

902. sweet friends ... faithful to always "be there".

903. He's Alive!

904. 1 cross + 3 nails = 4given

905. Easter dinner

906. egg hunts and oh the chocolate! that is involved

907. (10pm. washing dishes) the beautiful full moon, just beyond...out my kitchen window... LOVE!

908.  spring cleaning!

909. gusty winds...clear blue skies, white fluffy clouds

910. almond blossoms

911. lilac blooms and buttercups

912. the smell of sweet pansy tucked behind her ear

913. the lights of home

914. the smell of someone elses coffee filtering through the room - so good!

915. "here's a cup for you"... how nice!

916. he's getting so tall

917. her lady likeness

918. her 2nd tooth - has broken through

919. recovered computer files - after praying!!

920. scrapbook journals

921. cousins to play with and make memories with

922. sisters to chat with and appreciate

923. brothers to rattle and nerve ;)

924. family photos

925. being in love!  Not afraid to show it...

926. gettin' to giggling.

927. kisses for mama

928. too many to count!

929. sweaters and special dresses

930. smell of freshly mowed-off green grass and wild spring onions - as we drive by

931. the art-form of bird nests.  Beautiful!

932. cards exchanged

933. quietness of the morning...sunrise through the window pane

934. she falls asleep

935.  "this day, five years ago"... do you remember?.  Scott and I having this conversation, the other evening...what a blessing that day was.

936.  free videos - including the original trilogy of the Chronicles of Narnia

937.  Because of the Cross...


I could go on and on today... collecting thoughts and counting and praising HIM for the gifts He's given, so graciously.

Joining up today with Ann.


  1. lovely bevy.

    I always.
    always love reading your list.
    so happy you got a family shot. Don't worry there is more to come next month:)

  2. You are almost there. Almost to One Thousand!!!

    Keep counting girl. and sharing. :)

  3. Wow! Lovely post.

    Jayne is so sweet in her little outfit. I just love that cute hat too.

    Looks like everyone had a great time. They look so sweet and happy.

    That's so neat that you got a family shot. :)

    What a list! Your are almost there.

    Take care my friend, Janet W

  4. Love your list! And look how close you are to 1,000!


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