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Monday, April 2, 2012

HOWDY! | Scott's Second Sayings

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It has been awhile, but actually Bevy has heisted a few of my 2nd’s. Sorry it has been so long. Well this is no belated April fools neither, it is actually Bevy’s better half writing to all ya’ll in blog land.


We’re going to talk about all types of stuff. So kick back and relax and hold on. As many of you know (and those of you who do not are about to find out), but I am a (true) southern red-neck. I know this may come as a shock to most of ya’ll but it is true, and with that there are several philosophy’s that must be maintained and followed:

1.) If you can’t fix it with a hammer, it’s an electrical problem.

2.) Duck-tape is the ultimate “band-aid”

3.) JB Weld is next perfect to an original cast.

Bevy has an ole lamp stand that has several connecting rods that the wire runs through. Well one of the joints is stripped so I had a JB weld class for my conservative Mennonite spouse (BTW: yes, opposites do attract). Needless to say, all she could do was shake her head in bewilderment.

Speaking of fixing stuff, we bought a tube of Krazy Glue the other week and I have been waiting for Bevy to open it for some time. (Because, if I didn't let her "fix" the things she needed it for first - it would've been GONE! before she could do her thing.) 

The other weekend I went over to a fellow red-necks house for us to replace the exhaust system on my Subaru. Well it happened to be that I wanted to wear my work boots that I had just previously fixed.

See the sole was coming off and so I took some screws, pulled the liner and secured the heal back up against the boot. This worked so well I fastened the other one too for safe measure. I hollered out to Bevy “I missed my calling” and with out missing a beat she replied “What being a cobbler?”……YEP!

Well I told my buddy about this and he just laughed. Come to find out the CAT was shot, and I busted through the flange at the resonator pipe. So we agreed the following weekend we would replace the CAT. I went home that day and saw Bevy had FINALLY opened the tube of KRAZY GLUE. So I looked at Bevy and mentioned “I’m going back to my calling” and proceeded to fix my sneakers where the sole was peeling away. The following weekend when I told my buddy what I had done when I left his place, he looks at me and says “You know they sell new shoes”….but who wants new when the old works just fine?

Ya still with me????

There is one thing that I have not intentionally discussed with Bevy and wanted to save for here. There is a post she did the other day where we had prayed for ‘Your Day Lord’. In there she mentioned that she thinks I may have not meant to say it like that. Well here is the deal, actually I do remember that prayer and it was intentional. If I knew I was going to strike such a cord with my spouse. I would have remembered exactly what made me think of that. I do recall that on this day earlier in the day I was listening to the local Christian radio station and there was a conversation or interview or something and the discussion just turn to how each day is the Lord’s day and they dug into it a little deeper and I remember thinking to myself. WOW how true, as well as some of the truths they were speaking in their conversation. Just prayer that evening I had reflected back to that, and thus where that comment came from.

So did ya see our new addition? Yes the piano. And rearrange we did. I am still amazed that it made it through the door way. When Bevy wrote there was ¼ in to spare, she was not joking. The doorway was 28in and the piano is 27 3/4in. I am looking forward to my kids learning music and one day playing instruments with them. Music is a requirement and Lord willing they will enjoy it. I think Caleb will more than Aubrey. Aubrey doesn’t seem to be amused by instruments like Caleb has been or is. We will see though. A BIG thank you to Mr. & Mrs. C. again for this beautiful gift. As well to friends and family that helped move it.

(It took 6 people, of brute force and ignorance, to lift it).

So what do ya think about Bevy getting published? I am going to make her blush now…..but this is not the first time she has ever been published. Bevy is VERY, VERY artistic. As a kid she had some drawings published. I think there was something else at one time too. I hope the kids get her artistic talent, cause all dad knows how to draw are stick men. If she keeps this up we will have to go on an autograph tour.

The letter from the old grain hopper gets my vote for the letter "Z". For those of you that wonder what letter that was, that was the Z to the picture that had EZ on it. I am not sure why Bevy keeps calling that barn the machine shed, but it is the POLE BARN. :) We will have to get another picture of what the actual device looks like, but the grain hopper drives the grain up to the top of the silo to fill the silo.  Stay tuned for her finished project sometime soon.

Well looking forward to a road map of stuff ahead. I finished my term of college 5 weeks early and thus I am able to get a jump start on my next class. This is a great thing as it is a writing class that I have to write a 10-15 page research paper in. I have told two friends that “LOVE TO WRITE” they are SICK. I am trying to keep an open mind and follow the class along and ‘enjoy’ the experience.

We are looking forward to a trip going south. Going to TN to visit some old friends; it has been two years since we last saw them. On the way down we are stopping to meet some new friends and then on the way back we are looking to stop in a visit my step-mother. Although we just found out this past week that our vans transmission is not road worthy, so that will be going into the shop this upcoming week for a tranny rebuild. We are very blessed with a friend that happens to work at a tranny shop, and last Monday, he and his wife came for supper and we went for "a test drive". Finally, after about an hour we were able to get the tranny to act up and so he took it to his shop where he read the computers codes and was able to catch the severity of this issue for us before our trip. Thank you, Mr. K.

Speaking of friends, we had a couple over after service this afternoon for dinner and it was a blast. This couple is just out right fabulous. They have already raised their own biological children and now have gone back, over the last few years, and adopted three autistic/Down Syndrome children. The Bible is very firm about tending to the orphans and widows and this couple is the essence of that. As I reflected on this afternoon, it just amazed me it has been so long since we had gotten together ‘one on one’ style. When Bevy and I first met, this was a couple that would regularly "get real" with us. Then through a series of events, we had somewhat “lost connection”. Well over the past year or so we have started being ‘together’ again and just what a joy it is to walk with them and have them walking with us. Mr. & Mrs. K (different K than above though, ironically enough, related) thanks’ for your last minute flexibility. It was a blast having you and yours over today.

Well, the editor (a.k.a. my wife) just came down and she is chomping at the bit to go sew, but she has to fix -up sabotage my post first.

Till next time!

Remember He is risen. Yes, He is risen indeed! Do not leave him in the manger. 
Happy Easter!

~ Scott

PS:  Bevy says I am her Garth Brooks.  Tell her she's lyin'...please.
(Just returned from "Reading Round-Up with Dad's" with Caleb at his school.)


  1. HAHA!! Garth Brooks it is!!!

    Enjoyed hearing from Scott.

    Have a great day you two.

  2. GREAT post Scott! We are huge super glue and JB Weld fans here! My husband fixs EVERYTHING with those two items! :)

  3. We are SOOooo excited about your visit to TN!
    I'm sorry to tell you, Scott, that I do not know how to make a decent biscuit nor have I ever cooked greens. I buy the frozen biscuits and they are delish!
    You've got such a great cook in Bev that I can only hope you'll survive on my food during your visit! I'm at a loss for recipes, however, because most of my favorites are from Bev and I am not about to let you see my poor version of her master pieces! :) Can't wait to play Compatibility with you guys!

    Hugs to all,

  4. go on with your duck tape, jb weldin, garth brooks self;)

    I can't tell you the number of times my husbnad sports tape for a bandaid. and here i just thought it was b/c we live on such a budget and don't buy
    bandaids anymore:)

    in defense of bevy, machine shed, pole barn..whats the difference?
    looking forward to your visit soon scott and thankful you got that transmission fixed:)


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