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Monday, April 30, 2012

a HUGE breath of fresh air

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Beautiful Good Morning to You! 

Geesh.  It's almost late afternoon and well it is still quite beautiful, to say the least.
As you've read last, I was planning to attend a weekend ladies retreat, this past weekend.  I did.  And wow!  What a breath of fresh air!  Seriously.  I really, really needed a retreat/getaway and I'm so grateful I was able to go.

The weather was beautiful (just a tad chilly on occasion).  The location was not too far from home - though it felt like we were "way out there" - somewhere.  And...back at home.  It was, by the sounds of it... just as I had prayed.  Scott seemed to be completely at peace and the kids, he said, "did phenomenal".  All three of them.  I'm so glad.  I knew it would go well.  But a wife & mother can still wonder...

I was doing my best to soak up every detail.  Not just about our specific ladies retreat meeting in and of itself.  But in the actual facility.  I found great delight in sneaking a photo every now and again. And I should have taken way more.  I wanted to, but time nor opportunity would allow.  Of all the simple touches there, there were so many that "warmed" my heart.

 I said I found great delight and yet, I (honestly) felt really silly - if and when I got caught taking a photo. 


Who knows.  I'm a blogger.  I should be expected to do that.  Oh well.  It is what it is.

Here is what I collected.  Moments here and there.  Granted, some of these photo and they're quality are not the best, due to the low lighting and what have you, but whateveh. 

I am glad to have them.

Great Inspiration...and this was only a small taste of it.  I appreciated all the attention to detail.
The vignettes and decor all around.
All of  the happenings of this weekend... makes up more of the counting of the One Thousand Gifts!  Actually,  I think it will take me there... but I'll still keep counting. ;)

965. the gift of fresh air - both physically and spiritually

966. good teaching, personal testimonies and worship time

967. fellowship of women -- we love to get together, don't we?

968. song lyrics that ministered to my soul and continue to do so.  I find myself humming them constantly... since I've been home.

969. "I live in the good of this..."

970. "your grace colors all I see..."

971.  when our mess turns into our message  (referring again, to those personal testimonies)

972.  having a sense of humor

973. head, neck and shoulder massage (w/pain med to help) - the care of another - to alleviate a HUGE tension headache

974. chocolate chip cookies

975. white porch rockers -all in a row  (it's a small wonder that two of them didn't find themselves a ride home on my roof rack)

976. sound of wind chimes - playing across the way

977. rolling hills and rustling trees

978. the sound of brown and white bleating sheep, while grazing out in the lush green grass - so sweet.

979. chalkboard paint - a fabulous thing

980. an illustration used :: the Hoover Dam - Christ absorbed it ALL!  God's wrath... taken upon himself, for us.  We stand FREE.

981. potted pansies

982. floating petals from flowering trees

983. those budding buddy friendships :: for deepening those friend-friend relationships

984. laughter!  (I had had a dream before this conference...that I was rolling in laughter.  I don't know who in the dream I was with or where. - but this weekend brought that to pass.  Not that I was rolling in it... but it was there. Praise God!)

985. picking back up where we left off - sharing stories, our memories and our hearts

986. winning a book giveaway - for having the youngest baby closest to the conference. Entitled: "Give them Grace" by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson.  (Shh! I think I was predestined to win this book.)

987. painted toenails - walking in sunshine, yeah, yeah!

988. knowing.  Knowing I was not the only one who feels like they wear the same clothes all of the time.  That they also went out the night before to shop for "new" PJ's... an absolute must for a woman's retreat.

989. at least one Bags by Bevy order placed - surprise for me!

990. for Cheryl...who came late (later in the evening) to the conference and recognized the car who's parking lights were on.  Yikes!  I didn't know that they were on...not familiar with the In's and Outs of my hubby's car.  We had jumper cables... she knew how to do it... and thankfully we didn't need to go that route.  By morning it had recouped it's juices enough...

991. missing those gals who couldn't be with us... whether for previous obligations or what have you.  I really, really missed seeing their faces.  Gail. Rachelle. Ginny. Staci. Gwen. ~ just to name a few...

992. knowing this.  Before I was ever a sister, friend, wife, mother...I was a daughter.  A daughter of the King!

993.  reminded of this.  When sometimes in the waiting...the Lord...he gives us a window - so we can watch him work.  And for some of us, it could mean waiting a long time...

994. reminded of this.  Don't go to the phone.  Go to the throne!

995. this song, from the Valley of Vision CD

996. just being able to go...

997. coming home to...

998.  HUGE hugs and smiles...

999. my hubby and kids

(you're gonna die...)

1000. coming home to my porcelain kitchen sink scrubbed WHITE clean.  My hubby must have more elbow grease then I do and  my one broken kitchen drawer was fully repaired... along with several other Mr. Fix-it odd-type jobs taken care of.  I'll have you know...

Scott's a carpenter in more ways then one. And good right to be proud of that fact. (and that is our own family joke. We'll  just leave it at that.)

I so have enjoyed this journey of naming the gifts.  Not of what I want, but of things I already have.  As I've already alluded to... I will most likely continue to count, maybe not here, but in my heart and personal journal(s).   It's been a wonderful, wonderful journey.  I challenge you to consider the same.
All is grace.  And it is God's Grace that colors all that I see.  I breathe. I live in the good of this.  This gift. Amen.


  1. Looks like you had a great time. We had a great family weekend.. and finally received the phone number I really desired from my closest friend.. from college and church growing up.. making her distance away feel closer.. Thanks for sharing.. Hope you Longaberger party goes well next week. Loving the plates.. and my basket was taken to Ohio and repaired at no cost.. (a gift from my cousins.. from my Aunt's collection)... thinking of you.. praying for you and your family..

  2. calgon take me away!
    double swooney:-)

    can't belive your at 1000!!!

  3. It seems fitting that you ended your one thousand gifts journey, on beautiful weekend and a husband who loves you to pieces.
    I have enjoyed your experience.

    So glad you took the time to refuel and rest.

  4. Hi Bevy,

    I am so glad that you had such a great time. We had a retreat for our church ladies a couple of summers ago and it was wonderful. We went to a nice camping area with little log cabins in the mountains. It was only for three days. I wanted to stay there forever. I was one half of the planning committee. :) We all had a great time. The fellowship and testimony time was wonderful and uplifting.

    I like # 974 chocolate chip cookies, and # 975 the rockers on the porch. :)

    Have a great Tuesday. Take care, Janet W

  5. 1,000! I have enjoyed being along on this journey with you! Sounds like a wonderful time on the retreat...they are so refreshing aren't they!

  6. It looks like a very wonderful time : )


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