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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Wake-Up call.

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Why is it always that one thing you don't expect to hear?

The other morning I woke up to a very distressing wake-up call.  Not to the ringing of the phone... but rather to the words of my 4 year-old son speaking into my ear.  I rolled over, now fully awake... as I hear these words.

"Mom, I'm sorry I got cross with you."

What?  I'm thinking ... "son, you just woke up, and you're saying you're sorry you got upset with me?" 

My immediate first thought was a rushing back of the day before and realizing that I had gone to bed...without apologizing to him.  Yes!  I was a pretty grumpy mama pretty much that whole day. I knew it, too.   I had meant to apologize - because I truly was sorry about it, embarrassed and upset by it.  So, you can most likely imagine my second thought to follow was this.

"Caleb, were you dreaming this?"

"Well, yeah."  was his curt reply.  I then took the opportunity to give him a semi-sleepy sort of hug and apologized to him for my behavior the day before and I think he went back to his bed ... and I fell back to sleep.  Sort of.

You see, I was feeling pretty terrible at this point...when I thought about how much this must have affected him?  for one, I was blessed to observe his tender heart, once again.  An everyday example of honest confession.  He's quick to do that.  But, to have his mama so cross at him that he dreamt a dream that in turn caused him to be upset with me?  Who knows really how it all went down.  It was just a dream for him, at least...no matter what happened, I was (still) the one in the wrong.


I really don't want my kids days to turn into their worst nightmares.

Needless to say.  The Lord really gave me a wake-up call through this one.  I certainly didn't expect it to come this way.  But, it definitely got my attention, that's for sure.

Lord, let them ALWAYS have sweet dreams - at least on account of me or if nothing else... about me.  Please?!?!?!?!


  1. Isn't it amazing how much our kids can teach us? I love how God uses our children to remind us of his forgiveness and grace and areas that we need to work on in our lives to be better examples of His love to them.

    Thank you for your humbleness to share this, today! I am always so inspired by your writings!! Have a great day my friend!


  2. children are precious.
    I'm thankful that I learn something too from them every singl.e day


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