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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


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She gingerly stands holding on with her hand wrapped tightly onto my one finger.  She wobbles.  She teeters.  But oh she smiles.

This thing called balance has caught her off guard.  And me too.  It's so second nature.  Yes?

She looks up to me with big, round eyes...as if I'm the expert here.  Mom.

The look on her face says; What if?

What if I would let go? 
She isn't ready to take that step.  But one day she will. (soon enough)
The look on her face is of , "Oh, this new thing! This new world out there..."

If only.

She leans her body weight into mine, simultaneously clinging and daring her will to let go. 

Maintaining Balance.

If only it wasn't so tricky.

I hold on tight...{yet}encouraging her to let go.

She doesn't.

Not yet.

I know this challenge, too.

Just to let you know, the Mugs and Muffins - Giveaway! is still open. It's open till Wednesday night at 10:00 PM, EST. Please check it out. All due to the fact that I'm waiting for part of it to arrive in the mail... all the way from central WA.  :)


  1. OH...look at her! Growing and changing so fast! She is such a beauty!

  2. she is so darling! what a blessed life you have


  3. stop that. no walking until May 26th :) hehe


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