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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

dear friend...

. . .. . .. . . .. . . . . .. . . . .... . . .. .. . .. . ... .. . .. . .. . .. .... ... .. .
In whatever comes your way, today...

Choose Joy!


I'm telling myself the very same thing over here, today.

 In fact. 

I was going to leave it at that.  Enough said.

But this morning, I took the time to listen to this/watch this video of, Sarah's Story.  It's infectious.  It's challenging to hear of one person - who chose joy, in and through it all -  how now her choose joy-testimony is continuing to spread it's wings.  And fly.

Sarah is now home with her Lord... but her testimony lives on.


  1. I choose JOY with you today!!!!! :-)

    Have a blessed day my friend!
    Love Carissa XOXO

  2. The Joy of the Lord is my delight. You are right on!

  3. I have been studying James 1:1-5.
    Ahhh...yes counting it all JOY!

  4. Never Read Sarah's Story.. Have you heard the story behind.. Laura Story's "Blessings" I think.? I appreciate it's not all about the easy things.. I can so relate.. Blessings aren't just the happy things in our lives.

  5. I watched Sara's story. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing the link.

  6. This is EXACTLY what I woke up telling the Lord this morning, that I was choosing to choose JOY. Have had more trials than usual lately, but am trusting they are allowed by the Lord. So, I want to be joyful in the midst of them, not just at the end of them.

  7. I choose the Joy in the Lord and I'm with Aubrey lifting my arms up in excitement to see what He has in store! (LOVED that picture!)


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