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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Caleb

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Dear Caleb.
Do you realize how long you've been waiting for this day to roll around? 
Months ago...

You wondered when you would be five.
How many days until May twenty-ninnnthhhh? 
(that's what it would sound like when you would ask)

You would ask us over and over.
"Am I going to be five on my next birthday?" 
 "On May 29th, I'm going to be five?"

Sweet boy.  The day is here.


We're looking forward to spending the day with you and for you.

We have some fun surprises planned for you throughout the day!
Lots of family arriving, later this evening... to share in the joy.

And we can't wait to have some "Lightening MaQueen" cake and ice cream, as you've repeatedly asked for, for your birthday celebration, later this evening.

Son.  You've been a delight to our souls these past five years.  It's been a joy to be your parents, seeing your heart soft towards the Lord.  You're always singing a song.  You love to recite scripture verses you've learned.

In fact.

Philippians 4:13 has been your most recent memorized verse.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

I hope that verse continues to bless your life as you grow both physically and spiritually.

It's hard to believe that school for you is soon over and we're about to embark on the summer days looking forward to a new school year - Kindergarten - in the fall. 

You're growing up so quickly, my son.

We love you, bud!!!!  Happy 5th Birthday!

Mommy, Daddy, Aubrey and Jayne


  1. Happy Birthday Caleb!!! Have a fun day!!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Peanut!

    Hope you have a wonderful good day!


  3. Happy Birthday, Caleb! Five is here! Enjoy it, it sounds like you have a wonderful day ahead of you!

  4. Happy birthday, Caleb! God put you in the perfect family for you. I know you will have a wonderful day today.

  5. He's Five? Wow! Big Guy!

    Happy Birthday Caleb and
    Happy Birth Day to you Bevy.

    Love that he is always singing!
    You are blessed.

  6. Happy Birthday, Caleb, from your TN family!

    BEV, only the middle 2 pics are showing up. The first and last are blank :*(

  7. Happy Birthday Caleb!!!!! What joy you bring to those around you! Hope you had a great day of adventure. Looking forward to the years to come and the ways you will grow in stature and in grace!!


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