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Monday, May 7, 2012

Home :: Comfortable :: Home

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Good Morning, my dear friends!  Thank you for coming over  here to hang out at this online "home" of mine, today.  I'm honored to have you back.  Back in April, I did a post on Home :: Sweet :: Home.  Today I want to follow up with what makes our home a Home :: Comfortable :: Home.  In our real homes, of course.
 Have you ever wondered what is it, that makes our place of  residency go from a house to a H.O.M.E.?

And, two.  What is it about our homes that makes them comfortable?

I asked my two older children, this second question, the other evening as we sat around our dining room table.  I was curious what would come out of there little mouths. I got warm & fuzzy feelings when they both told me... comfortable for them is snuggling in under their blankets on their beds.  I like that kind of comfortable too.  But I think it gets even deeper then that.

I think a snare that can creep into our lives is that we have this idea that in order to have the most comfortable of homes we have to have the latest and greatest, the handiest and dandiest, the grandest and most glorious.  I don't think that is necessarily the case.  At least, it shouldn't be, in my humble opinion.

Comfortable is, on one hand, a state of mind.  I understand that what is okay and comfortable for one can be really uncomfortable for another. One example with this is when we can get too comfortable with "our messes" ....  how quickly our stress level tends to go up, simply because we haven't taught, by example, how to keep up after ourselves.  And that filters (rather quickly) on down to our children.  We let the piles get higher.  We can't even find our counter tops. The laundry room becomes the catch all..."hide it in there" closet until the guests go home.  We're too busy to tackle this or that.  We get complacent and the "oh well syndrome" takes over...and we say pass it off by saying, "tomorrow is another day".  Over time... that repetitive behavior becomes our identity and it becomes comfortable to settle for less.  When in reality, that behavior can be rather unhealthy for us, for our families and for others who do come into our homes.

On the other hand...

Comfortable is doing your best to make {it} happen without excess.

Let me explain myself.  More often then not. Less is more.  (I'm preaching to the choir here.  I really am.)  It's important though to let yourself, your interests, your likes loves shine through in the way you care and decorate your home. 

You're the Queen, of this abode! 

For me, I like to be frugal and creative.  Finding that bargain or making something myself even pulling the natural from outdoors to inside - although, one way in which I can grow (I confess) is to do much better at accepting change and be willing to "mix it up" a bit...as in example; moving furniture around or decor from one location to another.  I can be quite comfortable in my "decorating rut", and my husband can speak to this.  However much - I hate to admit. 

I was asked one time, "how do you keep so many pretties around with little ones?"  My reply was along the lines of boundaries.  Children need to know where their boundaries are and they begin to respect that and it is part of their home, too.  Lots of patience and instruction...is required, as well.
Trust me, since this photo was taken as a "corner of our home"... there have been a few slight changes made and things rearranged, although it is very similar still.  So, I am improving in this area.  I hope.

The house to a home revolution, in most cases, are the faces that fill the spaces.  Those you love and are surrounded by are the barometer and the tell-tale sign that your home is a comfortable place or not.  Their smiles, joy and laughter are a HUGE indication that their hearts are at peace and that HOME is where the heart is. 

 I talked a lot of this on the post Home :: Sweet :: Home.

What if your single and there are no other faces that greet you at the door when you walk in? 
A suggestion made that I read about one time was where one gal had her home rigged that when she walked in the front door and flipped the switch...both a lamp and a radio went on simultaneously.  It helped...to fill the spaces. 

  • Here are some practical ways to add some spirit lifters to your home:
  • light candles: by the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, on the mantle...
  • make cozy corners that invite the eye
  • put things away to their rightful place as soon as your finished with them
  • amp up the usage of large, comfy pillows and throws - get creative
  • bring on the flowers (real or not-so-real)
  • set boundaries: for yourself and others - (Pick an area!  Make your bed every morning or say, toys might belong on the floor but clothes never do. Trash always goes into the trash can.  Clean up in the kitchen, as you go along.)
  • keep soft lights on around the house ( that is, if your hubby will let you...) ;)
  • play soft music
  • pay attention to details...this can be huge!

No matter where you or I call home...it would behoove us all to keep our homes simple, tidy/clean, charming and or colorful with styles and textures that you love. Be yourself...and let that shine through.

Comfortable counts on us to be "at peace".

Comfortable expects us to be "at home", when we're at home.

What do you find yourself doing to make your home more comfortable?  Is there that one unique way that comfortable extends itself out of the four walls you call home?


  1. We so very much want your family to be comfortable in our home! :)

  2. @ Mitzi. Absolutely... we'll be comfortable. What are you talking about?
    I can't wait to let it all hang out. Being with you and your family is so fun. Cannot wait. See you in a few.

  3. I tried so hard to think of something that makes my home comfortable (other than the ones you've already mentioned.)

    I just love it here. Sometimes it doesn't smell good. Sometimes it's dirty (dirtier than I like). Sometimes the sounds aren't pleasant and there's fighting. But it's still...home. It's still that place I want to be more than anywhere else in the world. I'm so blessed to get to live in this home.

  4. So much of what makes a home feel comfortable are the type of people that live there! I can remember visiting homes of friends (as a young person) and them feeling so empty and cold. Usually there was strain between the parents. The tv was ALWAYS on, and I can remember not feeling comfortable being there. I always appreciated that about our home. My Mom ran a tight ship (she's slightly OCD) and it was generally spotless, BUT there was love there, and warmth. I like walking into a home and feeling the warmth of a genuine people that live there.
    My house is far more cluttered than I like (perhaps a rebellion from my childhood, ha!) but we're happy here! We LIVE here, after all. ;) Great post!

  5. super fine post!

    yes indeed the people make the house a home.

    I go with the flow in what the daddy of the house feels good with...creating a simple, cozy refuge for him at the end of his days at work. Clutter makes him crazy and I try hard to keep this space clutter free. The children follow along and are just happy that we are here living and loving them each day.

    I love how you mention ways to make your home simple and cozy. All these ways...so true!

    counting down...11 more days;-)!


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