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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jesus, please...

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In thinking about what to post for today.

Oh, and by the way. I asked for "permission" to take over Scott's chance at another Scott's Second Sayings, today - since this is May 2nd. He has started his second semester of college - officially as of yesterday. Another six months of intensity ahead. Needless to say...he has other things on his mind at the moment.

Okay. Back to what I want to share with you today.

I have a specific prayer request for a sweet, young lady friend, of ours, named Katie. Katie is 11 years old. Aubrey has taken to her like white on rice. Not just Aubrey, but any and all other little gals from our small group or at church. That is Katie. She loves just as much in return, very nurturing and full of life and loads of fun. She has to be... she is the only sister to three(active?) brothers. Great, great family.

Katie is part of our church family. It was discovered she was having some difficulty, immediately after service on Sunday. Finding her mom, her brother says that...Katie was having difficulty catching her breath, she couldn't feel her legs to try to walk... her heart was beating out of her chest. I saw Kristy, Katie's mother, attempting to walk Katie out of the fellowship hall as discretely as possible (and it wasn't easy) and all I saw were these blue lips and a young gal as white as a ghost. I only saw one other (nurse) friend in my tunnel vision and I said, "Lindsay, we've got to follow them...NOW! Something is NOT right. I don't want to crowd or overreact but we've got to follow. Let's go!

Good call.

You can read the complete story HERE, on their family blog, Better is One Day... Please do! It relays everything of the emotion of the moment and explains the happenings that surround this continuing situation.

They are currently at CHOP - today
Please, pray.
This brought me to tears last evening. As our small group gathered last evening to hold our care group meeting (without Katie's family, of course). The leader there, asked the children present if any wanted to pray for Katie.
Three young children prayed aloud for her, at their own prompting...including my 4 year old son, Caleb. I was so blessed to hear his little voice lifting Katie to the throne, with a simple prayer full of faith.

"Jesus, please make Katie better."


  1. Praying for Katie!

  2. Glad you found my blog cause i love yours. I love how blogs {as woman} can offer life and hope to each other in our writings and stories.

    Blessings to you!

    Your blog is full of warmth, stories, and coziness. Keep up the great work. I'l stay tuned. =)

  3. Oh no Bev. So sad. I will pray right now.

  4. Hi Bevy,

    I went over to read about Kate and told her I'd pray for them.

    Have a wonderful day. Take care, Janet W


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