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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Part Two of our Vacation where we're still in VA.

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Welcome back for this next part of our stay in VA.

When we followed our *new* homegrown and beeyoutiful friends over to the home where we agreed to stay for the night, this feeling of - well, it was a mixture of - overwhelming peace and nerves that came over me.
But you know what?  Hospitality isn't just meant to be given.  It's also meant to be received.  That's part of practicing it. Right?

Down the dusty, gravel farm lane...

This photo doesn't do the landscape justice.... but this part of VA is simply breathtaking.  I could live here.  And, I really do mean that.  :)

The bend in the driveway held promise for a wonderful evening ahead.  Amanda's blog post {HERE}showed a lot more beautiful photos of this special evening - as I'm about to share.  You just might want to head over there to take it all back in. ;)  By the way, any photos here, of hers, are used by permission.

If there is one thing I learned about Southerners (at least from all the ones, in particular, we went to go see)...while on this vacation, it was this: they would come out to greet and meet you, almost before you even got out of the vehicle.  I loved it!  It made me feel so welcome and the nervousness - if there really was any? - was washed completely away, in an instant.  That act alone was what spoke highly of their hospitality.  It was like instead of just saying the word "welcome" to you, they were saying "well come... on in". "We'll actually walk you into our home".  It was a surrounding sort of feeling.  A sense of being ushered in.

So inviting.

Chairs were scattered around the yard.  Soon other guests arrived.  I have to say.  It was so fun to meet another one of my sweet readers, for the first time.  Julie.  Here is a gal who doesn't blog or ever leaves a comment, but she reads faithfully.  I was thrilled.  Julie is the lovely gal sitting there in the center of the circle.

Julie, I wish I would've chatted it up with you a bit more... you're so sweet.  You're boys are halarious. ;)

Here we were relaxing so much.  Remember though, Scott and I pulled out of our place at 4 AM that Saturday morning and so needless to say we were pretty mellowed out.  We couldn't wait to lay our heads to rest.
Soon dinner was called.  What a treat to have steak on the grill along with some of the best side fixin's you could possibly imagine.


I still want need the recipes for the tea sweetened with honey and the homemade dressing meant to pour over that delicious lettuce salad.  OH YUM!!

The evening continued with so much FUN for the little ones.  Strangers quickly turned friends.  There was "races" up and down the driveway. 

 Quilts spread out to play on.


The hammock. 

Which the hammock soon turned into Aubrey's Arch Nemesis.  At one point, while out here playing on this thing.  She took a mean spill and busted her lower lip, good.  I really wasn't so sure... but I thought it would be fine.  Cuts and sores in the mouth usually heal up pretty fast.  This one was big and deep.  Would we need to go get it stitched?
We decided to wait till morning, just to see what it would look like... and already come the morning... it was looking somewhat better.  All is well now...as I type.  Completely healed.  A couple of the gals at the get together (including Amanda) were nurses and assured us it would be alright.   They were right.

It didn't take long for Aubrey to get back into the swing of things and have fun with the rest of them... long into the evening.

Evening quickly settled in....

So peaceful.

The kiddos' enjoyed the campfire and ate up the marshmallows lickty-split.  We would've sat around and talked on into the night, I think, if only we weren't so tired.  Oh my... and then to say good-bye?  To Mat and Amanda?  Their children? We were just getting started...this just couldn't be. 

I still get a lump in my throat thinking about it.  It was like we had only scratched the surface.


The next morning was lovely.  Scott and I prepared to load up the van for the next leg of our journey on down to our dear friends in TN.  We all had "passed out" from exhaustion the night before.  Our kids just did so well...settling down.  Our sleeping quarters were more then adequate, and again... it felt like home.

As I walked upstairs into the kitchen.  The smell of coffee, a breakfast casserole in the oven and the yummiest rolls with the best apple butter I have ever had.  But what I noticed first was the sunlight just streaming in through the open kitchen door, the birds singing and the quiet beautiful melodious strains of instrumental hymns coming from a corner of the living room.

By the way.  Amanda...provided the breakfast casserole for us as well.  That was SO GOOD!!  I loved the fresh herbs sprinkled through out.  Rosemary?

Here, what the best part was, was the sitting around the kitchen table - yes! while enjoying that delicious breakfast - but more importantly was the actual fellowship time of visiting (finally!) with our host and hostess.  Connecting the dots, as it were, with like-minded folks.  Fellow believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sweet time!!  Sweet. sweet time.
Thank you! Rick and Sarah for opening your home to us.  You certainly were a blessing - more than you'll ever know.  We're looking forward to another time in the near future, if you don't mind? ;)

Join us next time as we arrive at our dear friends in Tennessee.  What a wonderful week we had.


  1. Such a delightful visit you had! Growing up as a preacher's daughter, I had many opportunities to stay in the home of people we had never met. We found that people bound together by the love of Christ will always have something in common in Him, and that makes it seem like family! I've been enjoying your old hospitality posts -- they've been driving home what the Lord has been teaching me in that area. I may need to write my own post on the topic soon...

  2. Julie is wonderful, as is Amanda and Sarah! I am so glad you had a blast -- Amanda was on Cloud 9! I am sad i missed it, but that morning and afternoon sent this pregnant lady downhill into a pile of mush!

  3. yes, hospitality isn't meant to just be given, it's meant to be receive. That's all about practicing it!!!

    Enjoyed this post Bevy!

  4. Wonderful! What a perfect vacation for your family!

  5. It looks and sounds so comfortable for everyone.
    I love how Amanda ran out to greet you!
    I'm going to start that welcoming, southern style of hospitality .


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