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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Be Seen!

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Sometimes in the hiding we forget the curtain is sheer.

You can run, but you cannot hide.

I say this to myself all of the time, and yet - I still try to hide.
No matter - still the curtain is sheer, especially in God's eyes and in all of the eyes around us.  One day we will be exposed.  We will always be exposed.

::like now::

These words, today, have exposed me.  I don't always believe I have anything to offer - so why try?  Why not sit crumpled, crouching in the corner...as if I won't be seen. 
I like to think this will happen.

Isn't there that little Sunday School song...with the line...

Brighten the corner where you are?

Even there.

If the Light of the World is in you - you will (still) be seen.

Be Seen!


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  1. Great post!!!! Loved this Bevy! I'm slowly learning to be seen. It hasn't been easy, but I know that it is how God is using me right now!


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