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Monday, June 4, 2012

Caleb's Perspective

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It's here!!  This is the last day of his first 'year' of school.
Funny photo here of my big guy - but we were in a real hurry to get out the door, this morning.  Gettin' it on down the road and off to our last day of Pre-K school, for Caleb. 

I have mixed emotions surging through me on a day like today.
My little guy is growing up.     It's sad.  I think I'm going to miss his teachers and school buddies (and their moms!) more then I realize.  More then even Caleb realizes.

 This means summer vacation, now... and many days are ahead of him asking when is Kindergarten.  Do I have school today?  How long will I have until Kindergarten starts?  So on and so forth.

The other day, it must have been Friday, Caleb came home from school with this booklet that he made, entitled "A collection of Pre-Kindergarten Memories". In it is a page of his first drawing and his name and a second page of the same showing of how well he improved over the school year.  At the start of school, he was 42 1/2" tall.  By the end he had grown to 44 3/4" tall.
  I got a huge smile out of this booklet and I thought you would too, because I want to share with you the page of "Caleb's Perspective".  (his words in red).

I live in the United States of America.  There are about 11 people that live here. 

The President of the United States is ? - I don't know and his job is ? - I don't know.

These days a house costs about $6. and a hamburger costs $9

 I think the world would be a better place if people shared money.

 I think God is love.

My mom is 11 years old.  Her favorite thing to do is  tell us stories.  I like it when she gets books to read.

My dad is 16 years old.  His favorite thing to do is taking care of cars and working with Uncle John.  I like it when he builds tree houses.

I am 4 years old.  My favorite thing to do is play with my sisters.

I like to eat macaroni and cheese  and my favorite color is blue.  The game I like to play is Candy Land.

If I could have any toy it would be a lollipop from the dentist.

I am thankful for my family

This summer I would like to go on vacation.

When I grow up I would like to be an engineer on a train.

~ Caleb

On our drive into school, this morning.  The conversation turned to the fact that since today was the last day of Preschool for Caleb he wondered if tomorrow was Kindergarten? 
I assured him that Kindergarten would come, in the fall,  and then it would be:

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Forth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade
(pausing for effect)
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
Ninth Grade
Tenth Grade
Eleventh Grade
Twelvth Grade
and then,

I could tell he was clueing in that there was a lot of learning ahead. But not really... when he said with a laugh, "Whoa, that's a lot of Kindergarten."
  Yes! my son.  There are many years ahead... of school.  I just hope you love it as much throughout the upcoming years as you have of Pre-K this past year.

As we turn our back on this first year of school - soon little miss Aubrey will start school.  Not this coming year, but the next.  (sigh)

Oh... to have such a simple perspective that has much room to grow and to expand.  What an opportunity to mold and shape and influence.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have sent Caleb to a Christian School (at least for this year!) that helped to do all of that so well.

Now, the big question.  What to do with all the papers (I've kept them all along) and all the wall hanging artwork he brought home.  I don't want to throw it... but we don't really have room to hang it anywhere.

What did you all do?


  1. OHhh my this was too cute!! I'm glad you shared his responces!! I LOVE kid perspectives!!!!

    As for what I do with my kids arts and crafts- I take digital photos of them and store them on the computer in files by year for each kid. It's easy and keeps down the clutter - because I KNOW I would totally struggle with trowing ANY of it out other wise!!! I have kept a few super precious pieces, but only one or two so far... ;) I might eventually make a photo book of all their work over the years - that way it will be in one place and uniform and I'll have it if anything happens to my compute...just some ideas for you! :)

  2. A portfolio of course!

    We use 3 ring binders to house all of our school work throughout the year. I use dividers with subjects for homeschool, but if you only have art work, then you can make an art portfolio for Caleb each year and store them inside. It's a lovely space saver too!

  3. Caleb. is. the. best..... SO cute!!

    I have a mommy binder. To be honest - I only save a few things - but they are things that mean something to me. I give the rest to them - they each have a paper box, but there is a rule. Once the box is full, they have to "cull" it to fit more stuff in - no other boxes!!

    Love the pictures!!

  4. Awww.....I got kinda sappy when collin graduated pre-K. It was my last one, I think I too will miss Mrs. Benner, who has taught all three of my babies and helped to prep them to become gradeschoolers. He is my last one to graduate from pre-K, so yeah, I fought tears.

    I love Calebs perspective on things. My favorite is the lollipop from the dentist. That would be fun, right? LOL! Miss you guys. We hope to come tonight to care group if justin doesn't get hung up at work or anything. he's working long days.

  5. I can't believe how grown up the kids are! Miss Aubrey all of a sudden looks like a little girl and not a toddler.

    Some things I can and keep a virtual scrapbook. That way you have them for backgrounds in slideshows, card-making, scrapbooks, etc., for the future, but don't have to keep boxes of them. I also keep a mommy binder with some of the best from each year.

    Yes, to him it seems like a lot of school, but I just enrolled child #5 in college yesterday and am wondering how the time went so stinkin' fast. I now have grandkids your kids' ages and it happened overnight. So thankful you treausre and ponder the moments, Bevy. you'll never regret investing so much into your little ones!


  6. I so enjoyed reading the *red* in this post Bevy! How sweet!! You are 11 and your hubby 16?? Love it!! Don't you wish you could package them up in this *little* state of being...precious!

    As for the *stuff*...keep your favourites and scan in the rest to the computer. Or scan it ALL in. You could also have a bulletin board dedicated to display the things in rotation. Let Caleb decide what his favourites are and give some to him to keep in a *treasure box*. I have a storage bin with the most special of things in it from the children. Have fun, whatever you do! Enjoy these precious, precious days!!

    Happy Summer!!!



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