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Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Finds :: the wooden stool

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It's time again for another feature of Friday's Finds!


If you're fairly new to reading here at Treasured Up and Pondered - you might like to be filled in on an "occasional read" that I like to present, something of what I call...Friday's Finds.

It's where...On Fridays, I like to try and feature "a find" of no particular value or sentiment, no reason or rhyme and yet, exactly for all of those reasons I just mentioned.

Thanks for coming by or just for sticking around.  It's good to have you here, today.

I have a little family-history story to share with you today, if you don't mind?

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:: The Wooden Stool ::

Recently, we inherited this here stool as a "pass-down" in the family. Quite the gift.

It's been told, to me, by my Mother-in-law, that this particular wooden stool was once a baby high chair, used in particular for her father and his two other siblings... back when they were babies/toddlers.

Imagine that!

This means it was my husband's grandfathers chair - which Grandpa is at least 89 years old, by now.  I think he'll turn 90 years of age this November. I'm not 100% sure where "PJ" fell in the family line.   I believe he was the youngest of the family.  I'm going to have to check on that.
But if all three of the children used this same stool as their highchair... then you figure it out.  It's old!

And, as you can tell.  There once had been arms on this chair - that held a tray - and at one point they both have gotten sawed off. 
When I asked about this... it was relayed to me that Scott's (my husband) great-grandmother had done this and that she then used this stool for herself, one because she was only about 4' 11" in height and two, she needed a stool to sit up to the table to make her butter and cottage cheese, as well as count out the chicken eggs before taking them to market, in the mornings, along with milk, to sell.

All it needs a bit of carpenter glue to hold the seat together, as there is a pretty large crack through the center of it. Maybe a touch-up of paint -but then again, I kinda like it like it is.  It adds to it's charm and character.
Other then that, it's quite the sturdy, little stool.

And still quite useful.

Oh!  how fun to have a piece of history in our home. 

A chair used quite a bit by my children's great-grandfather and by their great-great grandmother over the years.

By this photo, you can tell, the stool  is currently being used, in our home, as a piano seat, mostly by Caleb (and Aubrey when she wants to!) as he sits to the piano - for his famous concert piano pieces he so graciously attunes our ears to.


Really...it is!  And to further encourage his interest - I do my best to applaud and comment on Caleb's creative musical renditions - no matter how soft & pretty or how long and how loud.  He always asks if I like.  Yes!  Yes, I do.

I honestly can't wait for the real music lessons to be in place.  We'll see if his wooden seat of choice and his enthusatic interest in playing the piano are in complete harmony by the time his music classes begin (hopefully!) sometime this fall.

So far, they compliment one another nicely. Perfect size and heighth.  It's the most wonderful little wooden stool.  Don't you think?
I hope I got all my facts straight...regarding Scott's great-grandmother, Katherine Mae.  If not, I'll be back to edit. ;)

In the meantime. 

Enjoy your weekend! 
Try to stay cool today!  Its blazin' hot and humid around here this afternoon. 



  1. Fun! I love those old hand-me-downs!
    Have a great weekend and try to stay cool! ;-)

  2. What a lovely post idea!
    It's so neat to have little treasures like this, that help tell (and keep!) the Family Stories.
    And a very swoon-y chair, it is... :)
    Have a blessed (and cool!) weekend,

  3. It's a real treasure for sure!

    Your photography is just lovely. and those hydrangeas...oh my!

    Take care!!

  4. It always warms my heart when family history is preserved. This chair is has character and sawing off the tray was perfect for her and makes it more versatile.


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