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Saturday, June 2, 2012



WOW, where does one even begin. The time past so fast, yet it was ALL so relaxing. The practice of receiving hospitality enriching both Bevy’s and my life over last week.

Welcome to Scott's Second Sayings, the conscience of Treasured Up and Pondered. Let me introduce myself, in case you may be new. My name is Scott and am Bevy’s ‘other half’ (better of the two of course) ;).  I usually, when not hijacked,  or when time and opportunity allow, will post on the second of the month - my feelings, thoughts and notions about pretty much anything, that my Bevy has already touched on.  So with this you get my perspective.

In case you are not aware, Bevy and I made a trip south last week. Bevy likes these trips, though at times they can be a struggle. If there are opposites to attract, that would be me and my Bevy. You see I am from the south; American by birth, Southerner by the Grace of God. Us down-south folk live by a different tempo in life, and I think this has always intrigued my wife, but when we do go, the change can be ‘moving’ for Bevy. One of the biggest challenges for her is how we can so easily take up anothers trial or issues and walk with them in it or tend to matters.

Well though that last statement does not have much a-do about nothing to this post, I just threw that out there, in case you never knew that about Bevy. So back to Scott’s take on Vacay ~ 2012. We left out of home at 4:05 on a Saturday morning, destination: Mr. & Mrs. C’s in VA (Check out their blog here).

FUNNY THING: Taking Caleb to the van (as we just carried the kids out in their PJ’s) he says to me “Dad take me back to bed, it is still dark outside” I about lost it.

This was for an aquatint meeting for Bevy and Amanda. Of course had I been on my game I would have called Mr. C and prepped him with “Hey you ready for our spouses play date???” I am not sure who befriended who, but about two years ago someone befriended the other. Well that set it all in motion. The visit was excellent and the company was exceptional.

BTW, Amanda, Yes I did see you taking that picture, but I knew better than to say anything. I knew Bevy was not paying attention and had I drawn attention, it would have ruined the shot. Mr. and Mrs. C put us up at a friends house for the evening, for as Amanda will attest, there little plot just won't hold much more, as it is bursting at the seems as is. I will testify to you all in blog land though, IT IS about the most adorable little spot in VA I’ve seen in a LONG time. Their friends Mr. and Mrs. P were exceptionally gracious to have us in their home on a request of a friend.

FUNNY THING: The following morning (Sun) as I walked up the stairs Mr. P happen to be right at the top of them at the door, so as soon as I opened it, I stuck out my hand and introduced (reintroduced) myself. You see, Sat by the time we got there I had already been on the road for 8 hours, been up for 12, and when I went to bed I think my clock was at 20 or 21 hours. Without missing a beat Mr. P just played along and welcomed me to their home and introduced him self (again). ;)

We had not had a real good chance to visit much the evening before either. Mostly I was trying to keep the kids going and things straight so that Bevy could visit with her new friends. I know on thing, she has mentioned several times that she did not get to visit with Julie nowhere what she wanted and I think, at best, I was introduced to her husband and that is all about I got to talk to him.

Even being so long away from my south, even I can forget how it is at times. The P family had mentioned to me if they could assist unloading my van for the night. I mentioned to them, “well I am going to get out what I need and then I will see what we have”…..well as I grabbed the last piece to place by the van on the ground, I start to holler out “OK, I think this will do it for what is going inside” and as I stepped back out of the van, all the other stuff was GONE! Gotta love SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY!!!!!!

I think it is through our trips back home south that Bevy gets reminded why I am the way I am, and with our kids. Then it was on to TN.

I have one word about TN……..RELAXING. Usually you have that feeling of needing a vacation after the vacation….Nope not with Mr. and Mrs. H. I honestly have to confess, I think that TN was about the MOST relaxing vacation I have EVER, EVER taken. Timing of everything, our hosts, the ‘agenda’, just EVERYTHING was SOOOO relaxing. Mrs. H is a friend of Bevy’s from the days of working back at the local Christian book store. They have just kept in touch over the years (many of years at that) and every once in a while we are blessed with going to see them or them coming to see us. I know Bevy posted more about the TN portion in her last (recent) blog leg of our vacation. I am going to hit some highlights here of my own and will let Bevy do the rest. We were able to take Monday and just relax from what was a weekend of traveling. This actually ended up being a study day for me and a sewing day for Bevy. Then Tuesday, Mr H went to a Dr appt. and errands and when he got back the ladies went shopping. Wednesday, Mr H and myself took the kids fishing and that afternoon he and I dropped the kiddo's off back at the house and went off to the local junk yard for auto parts (and had a blast). Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. H took us to the Smokey Mountain National Park, again one word…..AWESOME. what a pleasant wind down day before traveling again.

Friday morning found us on the road again, heading back to VA. The purpose of going back to VA was to visit with my stepmother. My father passed away three years ago this coming June 13th. Though we do not get to see her as much as we should it was nice to be able to stop and visit for an evening. Usually we will take a day and go shopping around, but do to schedule conflicts we were not able to this time, though we did have a very nice visit over supper. It was good to see her again.

Well then it was back to PA, a day ahead of schedule, and being refreshed, planning to have two days to work on a research paper I have to write for school…..here is where we hit our snag. We got home only to find that our AC’s were not working except one. So the working one went into our room; sorry kids you have to earn your right of passage, and the next day (Sunday, after service) to go get two more AC’s that which when I unpacked them neither of them worked. As well during this time on a whim, we bought a replacement bunk bed set for the kiddos (it had been in the talks for some time really, there is more behind this purchase then just “Oh lets get them bunk beds”…..Bevy can post in another blog, another day). So Monday spent returning/purchasing more AC’s and installing and building bunk beds.


By the time I was done, I was exhausted and ready for another vacation.  Tennessee, Virginia - anyone?

BTW…..some know and some do not. As of Friday June 1, it was my last day in my current position at my employer. I have taken a new position, at the same company in the QA department. I am moving from support to quality assurance. We pray this transition goes well, and that I am able to lug into this new group and be a strong contributor.

Talk to ya’ll next time!



  1. Wow!! What a great time you all must have had! I can almost hear the laughter! Have a blessed weekend and thanks for your posts!

  2. Next time, we'll plan more accordingly so'ins that ya'll can get better rest;)


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