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Monday, June 18, 2012

So. How did OUR weekend roll?

. .. . . . . .. . . .. . . .. . . . .. . . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . .... .. . .. ..
Like this. 

On Saturday, we headed up,  soon after lunch to my sister and brother-in-law's (John & Rachel) for a long day of "down on the farm" activity.

I always admire my sister's hard work out in their garden... it's getting better and better every year. ;)

Did you know that if you plant Marigolds next to the bean and potato plants -it naturally keeps the bugs away?  Also if you plant Lavender in and around your garden - it helps to keep the deer away, as well?

While there... I picked a few of these beauties...although they're nearing their end.  I only got a small handful.

Still.  So sweet and quite yummy.


Well.  The reason we were up there at my sister's place was for Chicken Butchering.  Yup!  You read that right.

These pretty birds didn't know that this was they're last day to see sunshine.  Not that they saw that much anyway as they've been in their coop...up in the barn.

The next photo is pretty GROSS.  But it worked. The rope strung out to hang the birds up on, to do all the pluckin' of the feathers.
Once again... I'd call that ReD-NecK "injamanuity".  However, pretty creative if I must say so myself. 

I want to clear up one thing.  I didn't  actually "help" with the chicken part.  You might say... I was "the chicken".  I do my part later - in the kitchen - when I cook and pick it!
I stayed indoors, mostly, keeping kids company, baking for and cooking lunch.  Folding laundry and you know... stuff like such.  Helping my sister out.  Paying it forward, so to speak.

Of course.  By evening, ALL six of the children had gotten themselves so dirty. 
Her three girls and our three. It's what cousins do when they get together, right?
 My sister had to head out for the evening, with other commitments.  And there was NO WAY on God's green earth that the children were going to go home or to their beds without getting a bath.

  So, while the guys were wrapping things up outdoors... I gave all six of them their baths.  Quite the line-up!

For once, I could relate to my mother in the Saturday Night bathtime routines and what-have-youThere were nine of us, remember?


Scott said he had a wonderful Father's Day!  He got a few very nice phone calls from the family, wishing him so.
Still. It was a pretty normal Sunday.
It was our week to serve in the Nursery - at church.  And, so I shewed Scott out of there - letting him enjoy the service instead and besides...

Scott had a part to play in the actual service.  He was asked by our pastor to "re-enact" as a Town Crier (costume included) for a portion of the message.  Basically it was meant to drive a point home. 

By the sounds of it...
He did a fine job!

Lots of compliments followed. 
I wish I could've heard it, myself, and gotten a photo.  But, like I said - I was in the church Nursery class (Jayne's)...serving there.

He is also acting as "Farmer Brown", this week. 
Earlier this spring, a mother cow lost her life in giving birth to this here calf.  Our landlord has asked Scott to take over this week in bottle feeding it - as he is away on vacation.  The kids enjoying helping out.  
Of Course!!

Meet the calf, so named Buttercup!


We rounded off our evening with a typical Sunday night, Mennonite Supper.

Never thought of this...brilliant! Cinnamon Roll Waffles! mmmm
I found this idea on Pinterest.

 Except that I just used the plain biscuits.  Not bad.  Not bad. 
Especially when dinner is "in a hurry".

And so we had waffles and Ice Cream. 

With a yummy sampling of Rhubarb-Strawberry Goop over it all. (optional)  That was a share from my sister Rachel.  So good.  Email me if you want the recipe - I'll get it to you.

Oh, and popcorn - of course!  How can you have a mennonite, sunday-night supper without it?

I'm trying to think what else I did this weekend.

I went to help a friend of mine - tweek her blog and to fix something that she "messed" up on.  That was a pretty late friday night, till I got home, and...
Oh yeah. I finally finished up this book, as well. 

Lineage of Grace
(so good!)
I say finally because it took me way too long. It was a "borrow" from my mother. And normally Francine Rivers - being my favorite author, of all time, for fiction - shouldn't take me as long as this book has taken me to go through. I only get to read at bedtime for a wind down....if that?

What else?
oh! Early Saturday Morning - before we left for the butchering- I baked a couple of Rhubarb Pies, just for something yummy to share, with the family.

What did you do this weekend?  I wonder.

PS:  Chicken!  It's what's for dinner.


  1. Can you say BUSY?
    But what a great time with family and helping.
    I don't think I could be with the chickens.
    I'd be right with you during that time. More my style.

  2. Nice - what a weekend!!! I guess I'll have to call on you guys when the day comes that we have chickens and need some help! :D Your Sunday night supper sounds YUMMY!!!!!! Makes me hungry and I just ate! ;)

    And don't worry, I'm keeping my feet up - just between bouts of lawn mowing! ;) ha haha! Thanks for all your kind words, comments and prayers! I ALWAYS enjoy hearing from you! :)

  3. Now that I've read this - I'm exhausted!! You guys were really, really busy!!
    Scott did an EXCELLENT job Sunday. I didn't realize you had nursery!! After this weekend and nursery - you still looked joyful in the hub - and you were still awake!!! Pretty amazing!!


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