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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Warm Summer!

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Yesterday, and today, are supposed to be pretty warm days, around here.  Actually kinda HOT!  I don't know what they're calling for, for tomorrow.  But why worry about tomorrow, right? 

I thought it would be kinda appropriate to take the time today to show you a bag I made for a dear friend of mine...who's summer looks like it's going to be a bit of a crazy summer.  I wanted to bless her with this... for a way to keep her self together in all of their comings and goings.  For you, my dear friend ~ Kristy!

:: Warm Summer ::

 Overnight Style Bag

In fact, yesterday.  I was able to spend the whole day with this friend of mine.  Our kids - play so well together, even though hers are a lot older then mine.  It always warms my heart!

The one thing about yesterday - while the day was a scorcher (today is to be worse!) - we didn't even notice it, at least for the most part.  Her home is semi-air conditioned and we were comfortable.  We didn't have to go out doors.  But, we did! - into her garden... so cute.  Tasted a few raspberries, trimmed a rose bush, admired her hydrangeas and tomatoes, etc.

Not to mention.  The pleasure of being in their home, as a whole - the company, the hospitality, the conversation, the visit over coffee & fudge (most decadent) ... all of it... was warm. 


Most of all...Refreshing.

What a wonderful warm, summer day!!

See what  else is available, HERE.  Thank you!


  1. Oh Bevy, That bag is so beautiful! I know your friend will feel blessed when you give it to her.
    Try to stay cool today~~it's gonna be a scorcher!

  2. Your bags are so beautiful - I love the colors and fabrics you use! And what a thoughtful blessing for your friend.

    We've had some scorchers here in IL, too - today things are finally much cooler! Maybe some relief will head your way, soon!

    Have a blessed day :)

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  4. That bag is even more beautiful in person....

    Thank you for taking the time and love to put it together and make sure we had it for CHOP. I just couldn't bring myself to use it that day - and am really looking forward to the opportunity to use it for something special...

    Enjoyed our visit - love you so much - and you are WAY too gracious!! After all - you provided lunch and then shuttled us back to where we needed to be - you have a way of giving more than you ever take - but those who know you know that already. : )


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