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Monday, July 16, 2012

All good!

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I'm sure some of you are wondering how are weekend activities panned out...?

I think having approximately 55 people in and at your home at one time is and can be a mixed bag.



((we slept good last night!))
Folks were to arrive around 3pm-ish!

But at about 2:55pm the clouds started to darken and the THREAT of thunderstorms became a quick reality.
We gathered the tablecloths back off the tables and pulled everything in under the porch and tents a bit more.

It rained and it poured - fast and furious!
By this point, only a couple of guests had arrived.  

Soon the storm passed...
but it gave us reason to doubt if we should continue our plans.
It stopped raining just in time for the evening to turn out rather well.


So beautiful and greatly needed.
 More folks started to gather...families coming, one right after the other.
Everyone participating by bringing either a cold or hot dish, etc.
There was plenty enough to go around.

Salads and Side dishes

Burgers and Dogs


Cold soda's and Teas

Coffee and Conversation.


 Candy Scramble (for the kids!)
((well, I wish I had more photos... but I was a little busy.))

Nigh about 8:00pm ... here comes another thunderstorm through the area.

Every one pitched in to help "Clean Up!" and that was


Good times for catching up with old friends and even making some new ones.

A great way to end the evening.  What a wonderful time, was had by all.


One of the things that our group made an effort to do, this time, was for each family (if able) to invite another family (one that doesn't regularly attend our particular small group, as there are several what we call Care Groups, but that go to our church) - just as a way to "grow" in hospitality. 

It's easy sometimes to just keep to the confines of your "own" small group... but when there are probably more then a dozen small groups within our congregation - you don't always get to know everyone the way you should.  This gave a chance for "new faces" to meet and mingle.

I think it worked.

That was part of the reason that there was 55 people to our home.  That number included children.
And even several of our own families were unable to join us for the evening...which we sorely missed them... or there might have been way more folks.  That would've been really, really awesome.

There is always next year... as this event may be quickly turning into an Annual Social Event.


Don't they always say if you need to have some rain - plan a picnic...??


  1. Or cut hay, as Lamar's dad used to say. We had the most welcomed rain also. I have been rereading "Open Heart, open Home" by Karen Mains. Have you read it?? If not I know you would love it. You well could have wrote it, smiles.

  2. Very impressive Bevy. Hospitality at it's finest.
    Melissa mentioned Karen Mains' book, what a great book! Yes, you could of written one like it.

  3. We had a fantastic time! So blessed by your hospitality Bevy!

  4. that is so funny bev! the one time i planned a large picnic at our house there, i rained! i had to take the cloth off the tables in the yard and be under the porch. but the rain stopped in time!

  5. Wow, you are brave to host that many people.. I prefer.. one on one events.. don't feel the same connection in a group setting.. That's just me.. Glad all went well.. :-) We are finally able to get into entertaining again.. with things being a little more settled here.. it's been a tough road for the past few years.. Glad to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.. Thinking of you.

  6. looks like too much fun. I can hardly contain myself:-)
    and I can taste all the home cooked food now!


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