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Monday, July 23, 2012

Just to say this is an almost repeat post... just letting you know what I was up to this weekend. ;)

. .. .. . .. .. . . .. . .. .. . .. ... . .. . .. . .. ... .. . .. .. . .. . .. .. . .. .. . .. . .

I know you're wondering.

Wondering why on earth is it this late in the day and we still haven't heard from Bevy...?

Well.  Truth is... I'm still trying to wake up.
Truth is... I'm on the other side of this past weekend and while it went well, I wonder about it.  I'm assuming you read what I wrote about on Friday - regarding what I was up to, this weekend.  I was busy as a bee.  And. Well.
I am my own worst critic - I suppose.  On one hand it went rather well.  On the other I was left with doubts.
Don't ask.

That being said.
I'm so grateful for the help that I had in my friend Kristy.  She did so much to help keep it together (referring to the baby shower gig that I did on Sunday afternoon.)

On Saturday, the Family Reunion, we went to, was very small this year.  It's the reunion that's been going on for 68years or so on my Mother's side of the family.  We were glad we attended.  Got caught up with some of the extended family.
Our children stayed with Grandma and went from there to a Graduation Party.
Scott and I left from the Reunion to go on to a Wedding.

With the

Let me tell you... this reception was absolutely beautiful. 

Simple.  Elegant. Rustic.
(it's totally the one I wanted or dreamed of... for sure!)

That ended late.
Oh... why don't I just throw in the fact that I fell off the roof - Saturday.
Don't ask.

Sunday was the Baby Shower I spoke of.
While Kristy was helping me...
My husband and children went to her home to hang out with her husband and kids.
(they were well taken care of)

Kristy and I joined them later (after we were finished up) and hung out there for the rest of the evening.
Let's just say.
We finally got home and "hit the hay".
There was no lifting this head from the pillow - last night.


I'm still trying to wake up.  And it's soon time to make dinner... ?


So.  Aren't you glad you almost got a repeat post of this past Friday?

I thought so.

Thanks for reading.


  1. sounds like you need a moment to just be.

    as in notta.

    nothing scheduled this week.



  2. Sounds like you did well.
    I'm sure all the Ladies felt welcomed and special. I know they left your home happy.

  3. Wow - you actually woke up yesterday? I just woke up... : P


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