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Friday, July 27, 2012

dwelling in green pastures

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Naturally - because it's Friday - you're here today to read about a usual sort of post that I would do normally do on Friday's.
But today.

I'm feeling to just be me.

Just what you're going to read here today is naturally from my heart...
(as if in every time I fill this space, isn't...?)

You know better.


This week has been a roller coaster for me.  If you've read anything here this week - you noticed... I spoke of the fatigue I felt on Monday (from the previous weekend's activity).
On Tuesday, I shared a random  but now a *new* favorite recipe...
(By the way.  Making those meatballs as a Stroganoff - was divine!)
On Wednesday evening... I got a chance to share about my dear (in-real-life) friend coming over for lunch and how that "revived" my soul.

Thursday.  Nothing.

Now Today.

I want you to know just how I've been dwelling in green pastures, over the past day or so. 
More like make that all week.
Not in the literal sense but in gleaning from so many sources of refreshment. 

And challenge. 
And soul-inspiration.

And Life.

I want to share this all with you, today.  I hope you don't mind.

Starting with a portion of Scripture... Psalm 23.
I've memorized this passage as a young 4 or 5 year old little girl.
The comfort that this portion of Scripture brings me as I meditate on these verses...is always so much.  I love reciting it to my children...that one day they might reflect on it's goodness, as well.
These verses have come to mind all week...

Earlier this week I had read an inspiring post entitled, Happy Messy, from the blog, Beautifully Rooted, which was contributed there by a gal named Gina... and it brought to my heart the challenge of
being happy even though the house is messy and the oxymoron that that is to me.
I naturally don't do well in messy. 

Gina writes... (talking about her own home and family)
There was nothing tidy. But there was happiness. There was creativity.

And isn't that what I want for my kids, for my home?
A happy, messy and lived in home does not come by accident. It has come with a conscious decision to be okay with the mess and the undone.
I create this happy, messy home by allowing my family to live.

But that in turn reminded me of the word - Perspective.  What she writes is true and right and the way it should be... but at the same time it goes against every grain in my wood.
It's all about perspective... and keeping that in it's place.

A while ago a dear friend of mine had sent me a little devotional book one through the mail. It was a thoughtful little gift and one that I glean from time to time.
 This little book is chock full of Scripture Verses and Encouragement and so I pulled that out, the other evening and in it was a "chapter" on just that. 
A non-hurried perspective.

A God thing...?

Next, I read the blog, (in) Courage,  a post written and contributed there by one of my favorite author's - Ann Voskamp, entitled When You're Finding it Hard to be Patient.
Maybe you've read it too.  If not.  It is such a good read and I encourage you to make your way over there to read that post from Ann.  Follow the link above.

She writes...

Lack gratitude — then lack patience — then, ultimately, lack love. To be love-full, I’ll first need to be grateful.

Hmmm, isn't that the truth?  And the way it truly works?  But it rarely comes naturally for me.
Even reading from just a couple of other of my favorite bloggers, throughout the week, and their heart-felt posts, like Here, Here and Here, has allowed me the privilege of gleaning from their perspectives and dwelling in green pastures, as well.

They, in a sense, have restored my soul.

This is what "each other" does for each other.  Isn't it?

It also helps that I got to sew a bit this week. 
Something *NEW* is in my Etsy Shop... go and check it out.
Thanks for looking.

I hope you find your self naturally dwelling in green pastures this weekend.
A place where you will find comfort, refreshment and ultimately satisfaction.

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  1. Thank you Bevy for your sweet link and referral.
    I am playing catch up while up to my elbows in tomatoes and canning.
    I see much needed peace and refreshment amongst your words.
    Love, Kristin


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