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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Bits and Pieces...and winner announced!

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Why worry about tomorrow when tomorrow has enough troubles of it's own.

A (very paraphrased) verse from Matthew 7, that quickly came to mind as I got up this morning.
And, this quote from Corrie Ten Boom.

Worry does not empty tomorrow of it's struggles - but instead it empties today of it's strength.

I just wanted to share with you a few bits and pieces of what is going on around here over the next couple of days and announce that  Mugs & Muffin's winner. ;)


To my very, immediate local friends. 
If you're interested, my next-door neighbor - Amanda - is hosting an
Open House for Tupperware.

Today.  Tomorrow.  Saturday.

She has been selling it for awhile now... and has decided to run her second "from-the-front-porch" open house.She has is all set up and waiting for business.  Chalkboard signs are up and everything.  I think there might even be coffee (nice perk!), then again, maybe not - I'm not sure... but I do know that she'll have a drawing for a nice Tupperware Door Prize.

She has her own website...for any who are not-so-local and would be interested in taking a look.

I just told her I would help to spread the word.



It was really beautiful.
But, boy! Was I ever tired till it was all said and done.
It was for a different mom-friend.  This time for 10 hrs and not just two.

I think.  I know her kids really had a blast because they kept thanking me repeatedly for having them over.
And, actually kept slipping and calling me "mom"...

Their Mother is due to have another baby in a few short weeks... and well, need I say more?
She needed a day to have it by herself and do something for her.
I hope she did.


Ah.  Here is a precious moment for you.

Just this morning...

I hear foot steps coming down the steps, and a cheery, "Good Morning, Mom!"
"I just have to go to the bathroom".  "Okay!"...I reply.  I'm expecting a request then at that point to go watch a little video and have a morning snack but instead...he's back off upstairs.

No sooner gone, he's back.  Fully clothed. And out the front door to don his bike helmet.

You see!
Yesterday evening was a turning point for Caleb.
He has learned to ride a bike without training wheels.

For awhile now, the one training wheel has been broke on his "two-four wheeler".  That's what he called his bike.  My brother was over last night.  He took the half-working training wheels off and showed Caleb a couple of times and following along close behind.  But, soon.  No need for that.  Caleb was off and pedaling on his own.

Those two wheels will have no rest today, I'm afraid.


Huge Grocery Shop

My mom is planning to go with the children and I to do my monthly grocery shop, heading out to Lancaster.
Usually Scott and I would do this on a Saturday and make it a family excursion.
But we have quite the weekend coming up.  And I need Saturday to be spent at home to prepare.

I DESPERATELY need to go food shopping and get this done before Saturday and my mom wanted to go along.  You see!  We have guests coming overnight on Saturday (which is/was by our request).  And then on Sunday, we're having our small group (approximately 50+, including children/guests.) from church to our place - later in the afternoon for a Social/get-together. 


So.  If you find me asleep on the couch this afternoon  it is because I'm both catching up and gearing up.
You may not hear from me for a couple of days.  More like not until Monday!!
Geesh!  This grocery list is lo-oong...
All of that to say.  I love it when Scott can go with me... we certainly make it a fun- family-day!

 There is much of the random bits and pieces today, isn't there?  But all is good. 
I'll just take one day, one moment, at a time.


Oops!!  Almost forgot.

I bet you're wondering the winner of the Handwoven Bread Cloth from my Mugs & Muffins the other day?

Well.  She wasn't going to enter due to the fact that she figured I wouldn't ship to Canada.


You are the winner! - due to Random Number Generator. 
Go and ahead and email me your mailing information and I'll get this out to you as soon as I can.


Kaitlyn just recently has had a new baby and around the same time, she and her husband and family moved outta the city and into the country.  In to a *new* but old(er) farmhouse with lottsa land.  It's beautiful.
She deserves a gift like this...

I'm glad you won the giveaway, Kaitlin.

Thanks to everyone for your interest, your kind words for both Sarah and Nancy, and for your willing participation in Mugs & Muffins.  I appreciate it.

Until next time... have a fabulously fun-filled weekend!

I love you, all.


  1. Hurray, for Caleb!!!! And have a wonderful weekend! I know you will because you have the gift of hospitality, my friend!

  2. Sounds like a busy, but fun-filled weekend. I'll look forward to hearing about it all on Monday.

  3. REALLY?? I won, YAY!!! :D Thanks Bevy!! I'm giddy, haha! i just love that bread cloth - it will be well appreciated and enjoyed!!! I showed my husband the picture of it and he really likes it too!! Tell your friend Nancy, "Thank you!" as well!! And tell her to open an etsy store already!!! :D I so happy you are willing to ship North of the boarder and thank you for your sweet words there!

    I love that Corrie Ten Boom quote - mostly because I need to say it to myself so often! ;P

    Well gotta get out to pick up the ingredients to make that cake and I have to go email you my address! hehe, this is exciting! I could go on but I'm typing this with one hand as i snuggle the baby and it's tiring! ha! ;)

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Yay Caleb!! Great job!!
    Congratulations to Kaitlin, too, for your new baby. How exciting! I hope you enjoy the bread cloth. If it gets dirty, it can be washed with your regular laundry. If you want the colors to get darker, use hot water. That's the beauty of that yarn.
    Have a blessed week!


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