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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Skirt Love (for little gals)

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Oh!  I was just having some sewing fun the other week.  I've been toting around some fabric scraps that have come from my sweet sister - Gladys.  I thought I would see what I could come up with.  I knew skirts - Little Girl skirts - would be easy, peasy to whip up.  And with just the right amount of fabric to work with, too.

The one at the far end, of the line, is for my (two) daughter's to enjoy...

I had made a couple of skirts for my friend - Amanda - well, her two little girls, back when we visited them end of May.  Amanda encouraged me to get busy and see if I could sell a couple for whatever it is worth.

I thought perhaps she was right.  I should give it a whirl.

These two are probably going to end up in my etsy shop...

I'll have them available shortly.  Keep checking in at A Bevy of Old & New.

Question:  Should I name these, as well?  Like I name my bags? 

I'll be honest.  I don't use a pattern.  I don't have a (sewing machine) Serger, either.  I just use a "pinking shears" when I cut the fabric so the edges are raw.  The sizes are pretty much the same, except for the length and the waist measurements.  I'll be sure to include all that information when I list them.
They would be ready to ship!

What do you think?  Something flow-y and cool for these hot summer days?

A skirt has even become one of my own favorite things here of late.  Yes! Indeedy.


  1. So cute!! Yes~~name them!! ;-)

  2. Was going to ask about a tutorial.... : P

    YES - Name them....

    Great work!!

  3. Super cute...and it wouldn't hurt to list them...you never know!

  4. Yes! Name them. I think the middle one looks like my size and you could call it the.....sweet country mama skirt! :0)
    Let me know when it goes in your shop.

  5. yes,yes,yes!

    they are just perfect. you had better put them in your shop. I was telling Matt that you had made some skirts and were thinking about listing them. I then went on to tell him how I had told you back when what I would pay for them and after seeing these photos...and watching my girls wear there skirts and love them so much...I'm not sure I could put a price tag on them. Matt says they are worth at least twice as much as I told you:) something vintage, handmade and from the heart is worth so much Bevy. Please let me know when you get them listed!

    ...and yes, name them!


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