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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{sweet peas}

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Wafting through the evening air... the smell of Sweet Peas is so alluring.  I run inside for the camera... just wishing I could bottle up the heavenly fragrance once and for all.

These flowers and their unique, lingering scent have always intrigued me. 
They happen to be one of my most favorite of flowers in the garden.
I love how they grow in a tangled mess, clinging to whatever they can reach hold of.
Each Other and Upward..if that is how they're trained.

It made me think of how sweet it is when the aroma of our Saviour is as a fragrant offering.  Filling the air around us, coming from us, and off of us as an offering of our praise to HIM.

If his Spirit abides in us...?  Then we can't help but intermingle our beauty with the beauty he grows in and amongst the garden of mankind.  Amen?

I shared the afternoon, today, with a sweet, dear friend and her young daughter.  They came to our home for lunch...considering it a playdate for our sweet babies to enjoy.  Her daughter is Jayne's age...both soon to be one year of age.

Our fellowship today was simple.  Intermingled with both delight and trial. (my older two children were... ahem!...a bit "trying".)  I apologized a couple of times for it.  But she always responded with such grace... and that it bothered her not at all.  My friend reminded me today of these {sweet peas} in that she sweetly encouraged my soul with the Spirit of the Lord and she probably didn't even realize it.  Her and I...we're together in this garden of mankind.  And yet, as friends, side by side, growing together in friendship, sharing hospitatlity, motherhood... we can learn much from each other.  And, we have.  And, we continue to do.  Lifting each other upward...

We talked about anything and everything...and I think the day could have lasted longer.  But I will go to sleep tonight... remembering the beauty of friendship.  Grateful for grace!  With the lingering scent of goodness wafting over me.

It was a good day.


  1. I love sweet peas and I love sweet friends. What a beautiful combination you had today.

  2. Isn't wonderful to have friends like that! Love your sweet pea photos!


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