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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(even though) I walk through the valley

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Well, if you're wondering...
Why yes! 
I am still pondering on the verses from Psalm 23.

Today I particularly have been thinking of the phrase, (even though) "I walk through the valley".

We all have those times of walking through the valley.  Don't we?
I know the verse I'm sharing from includes these words, "of the shadow of death - I will fear no evil... for Thou art with me..."

I'm grateful to know that GOD is Sovereign over me while I walk through the valley.
This means, any valley.

Some days go better then others. Don't they?
  Some moments are deep and dark and wide and long...just like our valley's can be.

I don't always like it.


Good News!

The Lord is always with me.

He is always by my side.

Leading me.
Guiding me.
Assuring me.
Protecting me.
Keeping me.
Loving me.

I'm going to walk right out of this valley.  Lift my hands and praise the Lord.
I ain't going to let ole Satan get me down. 

No sirree.

How about you?  Do you mind the valley? 
Even though it can be a low place, the depth of the riches of our Lord Jesus Christ go even deeper still.
The mountian top might be a wonderful place... after all, but it's in the valley where He restores my soul.

Thank you, Lord!


  1. I so much appreciate this reminder Bevy! I was awoken this am from a very disturbing dream but can vividly remember knowing that God was with me in the trouble. He uses both dreams and friends to remind us of his faithfulness!

  2. God is our strength and our shield! I always lean on that and the fact that He will never leave me or forsake me.

  3. Oh and I love your photo for this post!!!!


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