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Friday, August 17, 2012

favorite things friday - remembering the everyday normal and being grateful

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I am grateful for the various friends who blessed our home every single day this week. 

Putting the title of this book into practice.

It just sort of happened.  Like it's supposed to be normal.

Here is how it went down.
A true test of my heart and wide open door.  Trust me!  I've loved every bit of it.

Starting with Sunday.  We had guests in our home for late Sunday afternoon/dinner that we didn't know all that well. (I say that with tongue in cheek.)  I used to work with Kelli years ago at our local Christian Bookstore.  We've lost touch over the years and then recently reconnected (at MOPS) and now she is one of my favorite blogging buddies, as well.  She, her husband Andy, and one of their two boys came over for dinner and that was REALLY fun - to "reconnect" on a deeper level by involving our spouses, allowing them to interract (and our kids) and to hopefully build a deeper relationship with them.  It was really a wonderful time.
My "preteen girl", Jessica, was here Monday through Wednesday of this week.  She is usually here every day.
My friend Hayley and her three children came for the morning & lunch on Monday.
My friend Kristy, her husband Mike and three out of their four children here for the morning, lunch and most of the afternoon - on Tuesday.
My dear friend Deb, who is expecting a baby any day, asked to drop her three children off for the morning and over lunch on Thursday - while I was preparing a blessing meal to go to someone else - I just doubled everything and sent home a meal for Deb and her family for later that evening.

Today (friday) - an "oldie but goodie" friend, named Barb - stopped by for a quick afternoon visit over some coffee and Rhubarb (Zucchini) Nut Bread.

I am grateful I found a *new* recipe to use up some fresh rhubarb, and ah, why not throw some grated zucchini into the mix, while I'm at it? It's bound to work.  I'm sure, I'll be sharing the recipe sometime soon.

Not too bad.

 All this week - I've been thinking just how
I'm grateful for places to hang pretty teacups that every time I pull

dishes out of the cupboard (when unexpected company stops by for "lunch") - I see them and think fondly of the friend who gave them to me.  Sweet soul - Amanda!

I'm grateful to have discovered the one good thing about going barefoot all of the time, is that you can feel when it's time to sweep up a well-loved, dirty kitchen floor.

Yes Indeed!
For a soon-to-be one year old who is now crawling -ish, wanting to walk more so then to crawl and for her continual happy heart...despite the independent streak and her top two molars wanting to come on through.  I threaten to wrap her up in tape so she can "clean" my floor while she's down there.  ;)
No.  I'm just kidding.

The struggle it's been to walk with my son in practicing his *school work*.  Practicing writing his name, numbers and alphabet... honing in those fine motor skills of working a scissors and holding his pencil properly.
His first day of Kindergarten is coming up on the 27th of August...and trying to get back into the school mode has been proving a challenge.  We don't always see eye-to-eye and watching how prayer change things.  Grateful his heart-attitude is changing towards learning, again, over the course of this week.
I'm thankful for fellow pinners and winners!
I'm thankful for clean and folded laundry today... though it sits still waiting to be put away.

But.  Oh! the clean sheets... they're on the bed.  And there is nothing better then clean sheets now, is there?

Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

Oh.  Oops.  I just found out I'm having more company tomorrow.
My sister called.   She needs a babysitter for her two children - all day.

I said sure.
The "cousins" always look forward to spending a day together and that hasn't happened enough this summer.
Along with Aunt Flo coming by after dinner this evening driving up in her smashing red convertible,  somewhat unexpectedly,
I should think that come Sunday - I will truly welcome it.

The Day of REST!


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  1. I'll take the dirty floor and bare feet photo any day;)

    I've got my boys on the lookout for childrens book like this bevy and I'm certain we will find one:)

    Have a fun Saturday!!!

  2. Love how you have an "Open Door" heart!
    And you always have something yummy on hand.

  3. Twice this week you have "gotten me through"... : )
    Tuesday was SUCH a blessing. To be able to hang out and get a break into civilization after the rain got us through the rest of YC, and this morning, here in Wildwood, as we run out of steam again (I WANT MY BED!!!), unpacked the refrigerator bag and there it was.... Wilbur. I think I might make it to tomorrow! Love you, miss you, see you soon!


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