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Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Finds :: Come over to my House (and pick green beans!)

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This might be a stretch for a typical Friday's Finds.  But, I thought I would bring it to you anyway.  I was trying to figure out how this post is going to come together as there is a lot I want to tie in here.

First off.

Welcome to Friday's Finds.  If you're new here...well, Welcome!  I know I've been having some new visitors/followers come by recently...maybe since the last time I posted one of these features?  If that's true and you're feeling a bit confused as to just what is Friday's Finds...?  Well this is where and when I like to (occasionally) post a featured find.   Nothing (too) special.  Nothing of unique or great value but at the same time for all of those same reasons.

I'm glad you're here today.

Today's post is going to feature a compilation of a lot of my loves.  Lots of things that I tend to write about.  All wrapped up into one.


If you read the other day... you heard that I was asked to "come over and pick and keep" what I find.  My sweet Aunt Mary Ellen is like that.  My mom and I (and all "four" of my children - for those of you who don't know, I've preteen-sitting a young gal most every day this summer) headed up to her place, ah! about 9:30 am or so and this is what we found...

We found ourselves picking the most beautiful beans.  Hanging on by the handfuls. I won't tell you though, that we had to wade waist high in a field of Ground Cherry plants in order to find the rows of beans.  That was fine, however it was quite the conversation piece.  My poor aunt was fit to be tied and she nev NEVER gets like that.  The ground was soft, semi-wet and easy to pull weeds. Ahem, and a few of those ground cherries were pulled- at her request!  I was going to say "at her command" but if you know my aunt she never commands...she's too congenial for that.  I love my aunt!

What I wanted to pick was her hydrangeas. I really wanted to just pick the whole bush!
Her hydrangeas have to be the prettiest color of any I have seen in a long time.  I've always loved this color of blue/grey.

Yes!  So, this is what I came home with...
We found cucumbers, squash, zucchini, rhubarb and a green pepper (well she gave me that one!). Of course, the beans.

The green beans are there.  I picked a small plastic grocery bag full.  Semi-full, is more like it.  Yesterday I did them up.  I think I put away four quart bags of beans for the freezer.  Easy Peasy to do them up no problem.  I secretly was hoping for enough to make a canner full and to can them ... but that didn't happen.  It's okay.  There will likely be more in the future.  Who knows.  (In case you're wondering - I don't have a garden of my own.  Here.  There isn't place for one, which is so sad.)

So.  While I was cleaning the beans and putting them away, yesterday... I got a call from my close friend, Connie, asking if she could stop by.  She wanted to loan me a book.   She had found it one day at our local thrift store.  I guess you could say my friend found the Friday's Find!  Connie said, It's a must-read!

She had told me about it before... so I knew it was coming.  But I never had a chance to look it up or what have you, to learn anything about it, really.   All I knew, was that it was a children's book.

My sweet friend - Connie - told me that there is a part of the book that reminds her of me - my home - and she wanted me to have it, on loan, to read .... to enjoy... and reread again and again to the kids. ;)
((Psst.  That is what has been happening.))

I get the chill bumps that she thinks of me and my home this way.

This is where the hospitality and friends come in to the picture.

The book is called Come over to my House, by Theo. LeSieg, (also known as Dr. Suess) and there is a part in there that I want to share with you today.  The part that Connie suggested I make sure to read.

Every house in the world has a ceiling and floor.  But the ones you'll like best have a wide-open door.
Some houses are rich, full of silver and gold.  And some are quite poor, sort of empty and old.
Some houses are marble and some are just tin.  But they're all alike when a friend asks you in.
There are so many houses you'll meet on your way.  And wherever you go, you will hear someone say...

"Come over to my house!  Come over and play!"  ~ By Theo LeSieg (Dr. Suess)

I am blessed.  One, to have my aunt Mary, say this to me.  "Come over to my house (or garden, in this case), pick what you can find and keep it!"  And two, to have my friend loan me this semi-valuable book for a season. I did find out it is a pretty rare find.  I was a bit surprised at the price value on this book and so was she.  But in even more value is the opportunity to read it, again and again, encouraging the idea of hospitality with my children's rapt attention at hand.

To think of all the wide open doors there are in this world... I'm grateful mine is noted as being just one of them.  What a treasure!

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!! 

 Open wide that door of yours... invite someone over, today!  Will you? 

Lilla Rose Giveaway ends tonight at 10:00pm, EST.  Winner announced on Monday!

Best Wishes.


  1. You, my friend, are the picture of a wide open door to your home and heart! I love reading your posts everyday....and, yes, what a great way to teach hospitality to our children through that little book (and by example, of course!) blessings, friend.

  2. Love all of those garden "finds" and that book...so sweet.
    Have a beautiful weekend, Bevy!

  3. What a sweet welcome to some wonderful Friday finds!

    Those beans are just perfect.

    And I'm happy indeed that you've shared this childrens book. I'm going to see if I can get my hands on one!

  4. Oh Bev! Those Hydrangeas! I absolutely love hydrangeas!

    I would definitely agree with Connie. You are on my list of top 10 most hospitable friends. Thanks for being a welcome example!

  5. How wonderful to have all that fresh produce! Those Green Beans looked so yummy. Mine just never came back up to full speed after the rabbits mowed them down 3 times.


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