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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How you bean?

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Yesterday. We've bean busy. 

Let me tell you...
I got everyone involved - as much as possible.  Too bad I didn't get any photos of the "snap party" prior to all the kitchen duty side of it.

We sat around the table out on our front porch and "beheaded" all these beans and then snapped away.  Telling stories and making up songs.  Talking about where we've bean and where we're going...

My Grammy always told me to "leave the tails on... that's where all the vitamins are"...so I passed that bit of knowledge down to my kids yesterday.

Note all the helping hands.
From washing (more like playing with) the beans...

To filling the jars...

To adding the salt preserve...

To the quality assurance in taste testing...

To this...

There is nothing quite like at the end of the canning day... and the satisfaction that comes in seeing the reward, the next morning.  When you've just spent that day spent caring for your family's needs for the upcoming year.  I put away 14 quarts canned and 4 blanched and in the freezer.  That doesn't sound like much... but it will certainly help.

And we're certainly quite grateful...


  1. Your pictures have captured my fondness for little hands. Precious!

  2. Doesn't sound like much?!

    It's huge!

    ...over two weeks worth of sides!!!

    It's just perfect that you took the time to include the children. It's the most challenging thing I encounter in keeping my home, yet one of the best ways we train them.

    Such an inspiration Bevy.

    Your photos are a welcome post of a lovely August day.

  3. Delicious! I love canned green beans. I have never canned them myself... maybe that will be something for next summer. :-)

  4. I remember doing this with my grandmother. It's so great you included your kids in this project. It is something they will remember their whole lives. And look how many meals you will get out of this! 14 quarts sounds like a lot to me.

  5. Thanks ladies...

    It certainly has been "practice" for me of letting go - over and over. Letting go of me wanting to do it all myself. I do (always) find it much easier. In the recent past when they would want to help I would often swish them off and out from underfoot. But. I want to do better...and "let go".
    It was just one of those moments if I didn't go and get my camera - quick!- the moment would be gone. They found these "jobs" fun and I knew they would only last so long. Then the matter of waiting for the canner to process for 3 hours until then next canner full. It made for a long day... but good.


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